How to choose ski socks

How to choose ski socks

Ski socks can hurt your skin if you are a hiker, skier, or mountain climber. If you’re unlucky, you might have gotten a severe, blistering blister that required you to use band-aids, duct tape, and paper towels to cover it up.

I have been there, and I understand your pain. Jans’ Athlete team member, I have logged more than 70 ski days this season, and that’s just February. I’ve done a lot of terrain park jumps and moguls. I’ve also climbed up to 10,000 feet and even got blisters from wearing the wrong ski socks. What went wrong? Let’s find out in my ski socks review.


Ski socks are chosen based on several factors. Let’s start with the famous phrase: “My feet are always cold.” This means you will need to wear ski socks for your cold feet. Not necessarily. Cold extremities can often be caused by a rigid core. For the impending weather conditions, wearing appropriate base layers and ski outerwear is essential.

Unfitting boots are another reason for cold feet. Common problems such as pressure points, canting of the legs, and cramped feet can all cause cold feet. For help choosing the perfect ski boot, visit one of our shops. Jans’ expert boot fitters will help you find the proper ski boots. You can also get free service all through the lifetime of your boots if you have any questions.

You can choose a heavier sock if you have tried all the above and still have cold feet. Socks come in a range of weights, from light to heavy. They work on the principle of more insulation = warmer feet. Then there’s the problem of sweaty feet. Merino wool is a good choice if you suffer from this condition.


When choosing the best ski socks, it is vital to consider three factors: fit, hygiene, and material. A tight-fitting boot with minimal internal movement is best to minimize wear and reduce the time it takes for your ski socks to last. Ski socks tend to wear at the heel. Unwanted space above your ankle allows your heel to lift and engage the front of the boot. This problem can be avoided by fitting adequately fitted ski boots.

Another factor is hygiene, which means washing your socks regularly. Regular washing of socks can lead to dirt and skin particles building up. It’s like rubbing a rubber band against sandpaper. The ski socks become less elastic due to the buildup of dirt particles. As a result, the socks begin to wear in an abrasive way. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s washing and drying recommendations when washing socks.

The final component of a ski sock is its material. You can make a sock from any fabric, including synthetics and Merino wool. Each fabric has different elastic properties and wears characteristics. Jans recommends Merino wool because of its breathability, odor-reduction capabilities, and warmth.

Sock Weight

Two factors are essential in determining boot fit and foot warmth. You can purchase a heavier-weight sock (extra padding) to fill in the space left by your boots. You will have a longer-lasting ski sock and less wear. Additional insulation can be added to a heavier sock for cold-prone feet.

Which Sock Is Right for Me?

Which ski sock do you prefer? After much research, testing, and bloody heels, I recommend the Smartwool Ph.D. ski socks. Smartwool socks are available in various weights to suit your warmth and sizing requirements. They also have a 4-degree fit system that provides additional support for the contours of your feet. Smartwool also offers a skin-like Ultra Light “UL” version that can be worn in high-performance ski boots.

The Smartwool Ph.D. medium weight is 78% Merino Wool and 21% nylon. It also contains 1% Elastane. This gives you a remarkable blend of temperature regulation and moisture wicking (Merino wool), durability, and an elegant fit that lasts for years (Elastane). You can even get the same sock in different colors and designs, so you don’t look drab when you go to apr├Ęs ski.

Learn from my mistakes as a ski instructor and athlete. Do not suffer from painful blisters when you can focus on the beautiful Utah snow. Visit to find the perfect ski sock, or stop by one of our Park City locations.

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