These are the Boutique Running Brands That You Must Know

These are the Boutique Running Brands That You Must Know

Running can be a great exercise. You don’t need much to start running. All you need is shoes and clothing – perhaps a comfortable head hat. Many brands cater to running, as it is a sport for everyone.

You don’t have to stick to the big names when searching for running gear. Boutique running shops offer cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking fabrics, and fashionable picks that fit your lifestyle, whether running or eating a post-run snack.

Look beyond the sports goods section and get into the running with these boutique brands that are slaying it.

Miler Running

Miler is based in New York City, and Miler doesn’t hesitate to acknowledge it. Miler sources its premium fabrics from European manufacturers (though it makes its patterns back home in New York) to create lightweight duds that can be used for short distances and speed.

This singlet will perform well whether you are training for a big race or just taking the lead. Noso seams are bonded, which reduces chafing on sweaty runs. Their lie-flat design made them feel light and comfortable. We love the reflective front logo and the white colorway of the Summer Edit collection.

Ordinary Athlete

Ordinary Athlete is a boutique running brand founded on the question, “What if we do the ordinary and find the extraordinary?”. Typical Athlete was started by Charlie Webster and Matt Whyatt, who are friends and offer affordable technical gear and leisurewear with purpose. They take pride in the inspiration that running provides, regardless of how far you run. Acceptance is the most outstanding achievement.

This performance hoodie has subdued logging at the chest and back. It’s the perfect layer for fall runs in your neighborhood. The adjustable hood provides extra protection, and the top’s wicking technology is top-notch. It isn’t designed for layering, so be aware of its active fit.


Dr. Ron Hill M.B.E. Dr. Ron Hill M.B.E. was the second man who broke the 2:20 mark in the marathon. He also competed in the Tokyo and Munich Olympic marathons. In 1970, he was the first Briton to win the Boston Marathon. The speedy runner also founded his company in the same year. This brand covers all the basics, with models ranging from a short split to a short 7-inch.

Ronhill’s Core Split Shorts, which are light and loose, is another example of the brand’s tried-and-true quality. You’ll be ready for any challenge with the traditional split sides. These shorts are a must-have for serious athletes. They feature a zipper pocket at the back for storage, reflective graphics for better visibility, and a zip pocket at the back for easy access.


Trail running can be difficult. It’s essential to have gear that is capable of handling the challenge. The perfect test ground is Norda in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, with its cold, wet, and challenging terrain. These are the results. The results?

The M 001-M 22 has a unique upper construction from bio-based Dyneema and recycled Cordura nylon. For maximum traction in the mud, hills, and bends, this rugged-as-nails silhouette is completed with Vibram soles. The Dyneema top, although highly durable, could be more breathable fabric. This is especially true when temperatures rise.

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