The item of the Week: The little black dress

The item of the Week: The little black dress

It is what it is:

The LBD (or little black dress) is often considered one of fashion’s most important garments. It is well-known for its simplicity, accessibility, and timeless appeal. The LBD is often credited with bringing fashion into the spotlight in the 1920s. Many fashion historians attribute Coco Chanel as being the original designer. Its popularity grew when Audrey Hepburn wore it in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This made it a wardrobe staple that is now well-known. Although the definition of an LBD can be flexible, it is usually associated with black, simple dresses that are practical and easy to wear. However, this season, the hemlines and silhouettes of LBDs were quite complex. Many designers offered a complete overhaul of the classic style.

It’s why you’ll love it:

Since its inception, the LBD has been a timeless piece. Because the LBD is not a traditional piece, it can be adapted to fit any retail concept or personal preference. Its simplicity and ease of use have allowed it to stay relevant over time and will continue to be a popular choice for fashionistas year after year. Its longevity is one of its greatest assets. It is a great investment piece that will last a lifetime once a buyer purchases it.

We’ve seen it everywhere:

Although the LBD is a staple of designer runway seasons, its presence throughout AW22 has established the design’s status in fashion for the future. Pierpaolo Piccoli presented a variety of black dresses alongside the classic Valentino show’s bright pink. One of these was an off-the-shoulder, intricately cut midi with a full skirt. Versace also opted for the sleek cut LBDs with sharp shoulders and form-fitting silhouettes. Nensi Didjoka also embraced the timeless look with a black dress. It featured her usual complex design of string constructions and cut-out shaping. On the other hand, Off-White took a more literal approach with a mini sequin strapless dress worn by Kendall Jenner. It was adorned in Abloh’s signature quotation marks and read ‘Little Black Dress.

How to style it

The LBD can be worn as a standalone or statement piece. It also looks great layered or as a standalone piece. The dress can be worn alone with simple jewellery or over a blazer or longline jacket to make it more elegant for evenings out. Wear the LBD with sneakers or mules and a leather jacket or denim jacket for a casual, easy-to-wear daywear look. This classic piece can be brought to life with accessories. There are many ways to do this. A belt can be used to tie pieces together. A wide-brimmed hat or silk scarf can instantly elevate an outfit.

The LBD is a timeless staple with a rich fashion history that spans decades. It will continue to be a popular choice for many years to come. The LBD is versatile, accessible, and offers a wide range of styles that can be incorporated into any retail environment.

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