Mountain Equipment Women’s Helium 600 – Regular – Left Zip

Mountain Equipment Women’s Helium 600 – Regular – Left Zip

Season: Sale

Brand: Women’s Equipment

Code:ME-003536 Me-01297

This versatile, lightweight sleeping bag is ideal for backpacking, climbing, and mountaineering.

Mountain Equipment Women’s Helium 600 sleeping bag is light in weight. It has a Good Night’s sleep Temperature rating (-8degC). The Women’s Helium 600 sleeping bag is suitable for higher altitudes and northern latitudes.

Only 38g/m2, HELIUM(TM), 20 uses 20 denier yarns to make a compressible, tough, and very comfortable fabric. The fabric’s densely woven structure ensures maximum wind resistance, proofing and heat loss resistance. The HELIUM(TM 20 fabric has a better hand feel than the previous HELIUM(TM) and less seam slippage. This results in greater durability.

High-quality duck down is composed of a minimum of 90% down clusters. Mountain Equipment DOWN CODEX has approved it. This means that you can enter your product’s unique code into their website and track down the source of your down.

Trapezium 4-foot piece with Trapezium’s exclusive Bulls Eye(TM), Technology, and an offset Sharks Toe(TM) foot. This foot piece is designed for the lightest technical sleeping bags. The baffle construction reduces migration while keeping bulk and weight to a minimum.

The bag’s main body is designed to reduce body heat retention by using slanted box-wall baffles. Stitched-through baffles can be used on the lightest models to reduce weight further. Mid-level side seams allow great versatility, regardless of whether the bag’s front or back is laid. The distribution of fill also reflects this. While the top side is slightly more filled, plenty of fill can remain under the foot piece, hood, and underneath.


  • The outer shell of HELIUM(TM), 20 is extremely light and breathable.
  • 555g Pure Duck Down 90-10 with a minimum fill Power of 700
  • Alpine fit with zoned EXL System maximises thermal efficiency
  • Baffles for Slanted Box-Wall throughout
  • Mid-level side seams
  • Hood with 5 baffles anatomically-shaped
  • 4 foot-boxes with anatomically shaped, offset baffles
  • Gemini(TM), full-length zip baffle with integrated collar and Lode Lock(TM).
  • Included is a waterproof roll-top stuff-sack with a storage cube and a cube
  • Weight: 1040g

Good Night’s Rest Temperature: -8degC/18degF

  • Comfort: -1degC/30degF
  • Comfort Limit: -8degC/18degF
  • Extreme: -26degC/-15degF

Size guide:

  • Maximum length: 180cm
  • Maximum Width at Shoulders:75cm
  • Foot Width: 50cm
  • Maximum User Height: 170cm
  • Total Bag Weight: 1040g
  • Total fill weight: 555g
  • Dimensions of the packed dimensions: 25x22x20cm

Buyers’ Guide – How do you choose a sleeping bag?

Good sleep is essential for enjoying the hills and mental and physical recovery. It is vital to keep warm while you sleep because your body naturally drops in temperature when deep rest occurs. Although many sleeping bags are on the market, you can save money by choosing wisely and storing your bag correctly.

These are the key questions to ask when choosing the right sleeping bag. You can read our full buyer guide to learn more about why these bags are so important …..

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