Is The North Face Denali Fleece going out of fashion? Apparently. These sweaters and jackets are making a comeback and are gaining popularity from the mountains to the city. Like the Nuptse relaunch, everyone loves the 95 Retro Denali Jackets. And the Denali 2 Jackets. These essentials are the ‘it’ item for this season, available in jacket, anorak and hoodie styles.

The North Face’s unique mix of old favorites and innovations in outerwear has kept it at the top of its game. Its collections have become highly sought-after streetwear pieces.

We are here to discuss the Polartec Fleece Denali Jackets. They were originally released in 1988 and re-released to great acclaim in 1995. We’ll be discussing the unique qualities of these fleece jackets and details regarding their relaunch.

The North Face Denali Fleece will be back for the foreseeable future.

Why did The North Face launch a retro relaunch?

The North Face Global Creative Director Tim Hamilton stated that the Denali jacket is “a symbol of authentic outdoor culture” in the press release.

These authentic outdoor clothing are at the forefront of marketing campaigns, regardless of the reason. The North Face and other big-name outdoor apparel brands like The North Face only make a handful of styles that will last. Denali’s rugged and large-sized designs are the perfect example. Retro is always in fashion if retro hasn’t been noticed.

Fleece is extremely cozy and fashionable in the 21st Century.

What’s a ‘Denali Fleece?

Denali Fleece, made mainly from recycled Polartec fleece, is heavyweight and wind-resistant. It’s also quick to dry. The North Face applied a water-repellent coating to their Denali fleece, unlike other burly fleeces. This special fleece is treated with DWR to wick moisture, repel light rain and block wind and cold air. Denali fleece is thicker than normal fleece and has a reinforced, condensed feel.

Denali Fleeces also has dark off-color overlays made of rugged, high-denier nylon. These overlays can also be treated with DWR finishes. They are placed on top of the fleece fabric at the upper, providing reinforcement and additional protection.

You can fuse the fleece body and the overlays to create a garment that looks more like a jacket. This is why you have the Denali jacket, anorak and hoodie collection.

Be aware. You should be aware that the Denali Fleeces can get very warm.

What is the difference between ‘Retro’ and ‘Denali2?

The ’95 Retro Denali Jackets look almost identical to the original ’95 Denali Jackets. They retain their signature oversized fit and colorways.

The main difference between the 2019 Retro ’95 releases and the 1995 originals is that Retros re-releases now contain 100% recycled polyester, partially made from plastic bottles. The new designs have a lower environmental impact than their predecessors.

The Retro ’95’s boxy, oversized fit makes the most contrast between Denali 2 Jackets and the Retro ’95.

Can you imagine a Canadian winter without being warm enough?

The 333g/m2 Polartec 300 fleece is like a blanket that protects you from the cold. There are no breathable grid patterns or stretchy side panels. It’s just a thick fleece reinforced by wind-resistant nylon at the back and chest.

It is also less breathable due to its fleece thickness, making it more effective in winter. This jacket is not recommended for use in snowy conditions but can be worn on a sunny walk in March.

The Denali series is known for its warm fleece jackets. Its collar-like collar, snug sleeves, cuffs and pinchable lower hem help keep heat in.

The ’95 Retro silhouette and the Denali 2 silhouette are great standalone options for day hikes or staying warm during cold days.

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