The Best Slippers for Women – A Style Guide

The Best Slippers for Women – A Style Guide

Investing in slippers has never been more important, as more people spend more time indoors. Slippers are a reliable choice for keeping your feet warm and protected, no matter where you are.

We have a wide selection of slippers to fit every budget and style. Here are our top picks for the best women’s slippers.

How do you choose the right slippers?

A good pair of slippers will have a thick rubber sole, be made from leather or suede and keep your feet warm. For extra security, a good slipper will have a supportive back to help you move around the house.

Your personal preference and lifestyle will determine the best pair of slippers. Do you want slippers that can last year after year? Or are you looking for something fashionable to keep your feet toasty?

There are many styles to choose from, so there is something for everyone. These are the top-selling slippers for women:

  • Moccasins are a great choice for those colder days. Comfortable faux-fur lining and hardwearing soles protect the shoe from hardwood floors.
  • Mules – Mule slippers make a comfortable and fashionable choice for those who work from home. Mules are easy to slip on and off with little or no hassle.
  • Booties Slipper boots are warm from the calf to the toe, making them the ideal footwear choice for the winter months. They are fashionable and affordable, so they’re perfect for everyone, even teens.
  • Open toe – It’s not surprising that open-toe slippers have become a popular footwear trend. Open-toe slippers are stylish and practical for all temperatures.
  • Full Slippers – A full slipper is one of the most comfortable. It will keep your feet protected and warm all day. Hard soles protect against cold floors and prevent wear. A full slipper is a good choice if you want one that lasts all year.

Which slippers are best for women?

Are you still unsure about which slipper is best for you? We’ve got your back. We have reviewed the top slippers in our range to determine their style, durability, and comfort.

Hush Puppies Addy Suede Slipper

These Hush Puppies moccasins slippers are handcrafted with great care. They have a soft faux fur lining and a memory foam foot cushion. These slippers in navy are also available with a small gift box. They make a great Christmas or birthday gift.

Top Tip If you are looking for slippers that you can wear both inside and outside, look for slippers with a durable grip sole that can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Slipper Company Black Open Toe Mule

These black open-toe mule slippers by The Slipper Company look great and are a great option for relaxing around your home.

Top Tip Style your favourite tracksuit for an Insta-worthy look in loungewear.

Dr Keller Rocksana Bootie Slipper

These Roksana Slipper Shoes will keep you warm and toasty in colder weather. The stylish grey faux fur outer and fleece lining offers style and comfort.

Tip: Slippers do not have to be boring and plain. You can show off your personality with a trendy, fun style that adds some flair to your evening routine.

Skechers Cozy Campfire Slipper

The Skechers campfire Slippers have a navy upper and grey faux fur trim. They are stylish but also comfortable. After a busy day, pamper your feet with the finest and sink into the faux fur lining and padded sole.

Top Tip – Slippers with cushioned backs give your feet extra support. This makes them an excellent choice for less mobile people.

Rocket Dog Slade Winette Faux Fur Pink Slipper

These stylish Rocket Dog faux fur slippers are sure to be a fashion statement. They are perfect for all seasons, thanks to their open-toe design. The faux fur soles and straps make them more comfortable and durable.

Top Tip Do not wash faux fur slippers in the washer. Please give them a gentle hand wash with warm water and mild washing power. For more information, please refer to our slipper cleaning guide.

Cotswold Sopworth Tang Moccasin Slipper

These Cotswold Sopworth Slippers were inspired by cosy country living. These moccasins will add luxury to your daily routine with their dreamy faux fur lining, soft suede upper, and custom-fit lacing system.

Top Tip – Use a waterproof protector spray to keep your leather and suede slippers scuffed-free.

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