Review of Terra Nova Voyager Superlite Tent

Review of Terra Nova Voyager Superlite Tent

Terra Nova

Terra Nova, a UK company, specializing in ultralight and mountain tents, is based in Derbyshire.

Terra Nova is constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers. Terra Nova recently beat the Guinness World Record for the lightest tent in the World with the Laser Competition. It weighed in at 940g total or 860g when it was empty. This achievement is part of our goal to be the ‘Best in class’.

Terra Nova Voyager Superlite Tech Spec

Although the classic geodesic design is still in use, the weight of the outer and lighter materials has been reduced using pole clips.

The Superlite version is lighter than its predecessor, but it does not reduce the porch or internal space. Clips are used instead of pole sleeves to improve ventilation, and an inner door is fitted with a large mesh panel.

This is a favorite of anyone who may come across the unstable ground, particularly sandy or loose soils.

  • Pack Size: 14cm by 52cm
  • Weight: Minimum 1.7Kg / Packed 1.86Kg
  • Person: 2
  • Season Rating: Season Backpacking
  • Not factory sealed because of the nature and use of the silicon fabric used in this tent
  • User range: Ultra-lightweight backpacking, Trekking, Cycle Touring
  • Pitching: Inner first
  • Titanium pegs, each 5.5g
  • 8.55mm DAC Featherlite Pole

Trail’s Review: Terra Nova Voyager Superlite Tent

The Live For the Outdoors website has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. This suggests that outdoor gear professionals and users consider it the best tent…

This tent, which is 2 people and weighs in at sub-2kg, is an enhanced version of the Voyager. It’s a 3-pole geodesic with a classy design that sets it apart. Terra Nova has reduced its weight by 400g (18%) by comparing the brand’s Laser fabrics. You still get an inner, outer, and geodesic three-pole design. There is also a front entrance and porch with double zips for venting. The geodesic design is extremely stable.

Pegs are wire skewers that do not hurt your hands. They are made of titanium to reduce weight. The outer doors don’t get any external storm flaps, and the zips on the exterior doors are very small, so be careful. Clips hold the poles in place to save weight. This design is not suitable for pitching in heavy rain.

It sounds great, a backpacking tent for 2 or a lightweight trans-European bicycle tent!

Review of Terra Nova Superlite: Outdoor magic

Outdoorsmagic is another heavyweight reviewer in the outdoor gear industry. Here’s their take:

The low weight of 1.85kg does not compromise comfort. The shelter is not minimalist, with the canvas hanging millimeters from your nose. The shelter has enough space for two people, and it also features the stability of the geodesic triple pole structure.

This tent is meticulously constructed to remove every gram. It feels like tracing paper. It would be best if you grabbed a few pegs to see them. However, the tent was held in place even in strong winds.

The Voyager Superlite tent received a positive review, scoring 4/5 points for value and 4.5/5 stars for performance.

Our thoughts…

The Terra Nova brand is great for backpackers who want to feel secure and trusted. You want to feel safe and secure when you are far from civilization and in all weather conditions.

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