How to Waterproof a Jacket

How to Waterproof a Jacket

It is easy to waterproof a ski jacket or raincoat. A durable water repellent formula means you can only re-proof jackets made from nylon, down and polyester once per season. Revivex water repellents are great for keeping you dry and warm on snowy hikes, bike rides, or dog walks. Our formulas are simple to use at home and provide factory-level performance. Follow these steps to waterproof jackets and other outerwear.

Wash & Waterproof

Your well-worn jacket and coat can become soiled from dirt and oils. Your jacket may “wet out” if it isn’t treated with DWR. Before applying waterproof treatment, it is important that you pre-wash your jackets and wash them with a gentle detergent such as Revivex Pro Cleaner. After cleaning, choose the best waterproofing formula for you.

  • Revivex Pro Cleaner or Down Cleaner
  • Revivex Water Repellent and Durable Repellent
  • Washing machine or sink/bucket
  • Machine Dryer

Estimated Time: Wash: 30 minutes | Machine Dry: 30-60 minutes


Revivex Wash In is perfect for waterproofing hard-shell jackets and windbreakers. This concentrated water repellent is a fluorine-free formula that can also treat multiple waterproof-breathable items simultaneously.

  1. Choose a delicate cycle and warm water for the washing machine
  2. Revivex Pro Cleaner should be added to each garment at 0.5 fl. oz/30 ml (1 cupful). Double the dosage if you are using a top-loader.
  3. Revivex Wash-In Water Repellent should be added to each garment.
  4. Start the cycle.
  5. To maximize effectiveness, tumble dry on medium heat for 60 minutes.


Let the Revivex Durable dry on the outer garment. This water repellent spray has no PFOA and repels dirt, oil, and water for the longest time. This spray suits GORE-TEX clothing, nylon hard-shells, soft shells, and pants.

  1. Use Pro Cleaner or down cleaner to clean your jacket, per the Wash-In instructions.
  2. Hang dry or wet jackets on a hanger. Shake well.
  3. Spray jackets from 5″-10″. Spray liberally on high-wear areas such as shoulders and cuffs.
  4. Before drying your machine, make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions for maximum effectiveness, dry on medium heat for 30 min.

TIP: Revivex Down Cleaner can be used to clean down jackets, sleeping bags and comforters.


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