How to understand the Arc’Teryx Naming Scheme

How to understand the Arc’Teryx Naming Scheme

Manufacturers often choose their products’ names based on marketing factors, mnemonic hooks, or homage to someone, place, or thing. The nomenclature rarely uses a system that allows people to understand it. The main products’ names follow a system identifying their use and characteristics. UnderstandingUnderstanding this lets you quickly orient yourself and select the best products for your needs.

A three-part naming scheme characterizes archery products.

The range is indicated in the first section.

The second (2-letter) code describes the specific characteristics of each garment in the range

The third part indicates the type of garment (Jackets, Hoodies, Pants, or Gloves), etc.

Concerning women’s models, the W will be added to the end of their names.

We have selected a random product to help you understand the terminology before we explain it. The following will be used: Beta AR Jacket As an example. The name’s first part indicates it belongs to the Beta series (3rd layer, waterproof, breathable, all-around use, medium length), while the second refers to the AR series (All Round and all use), and Jacket tells us what type of garment.

This system is used for mountain clothes (softshell, insulated, 3rd layer) and any individualized exceptions that do not conform to the standard. The 2-letter code is only used for ski and trail running clothes. It does not indicate the range.RANGE

Indicates the intended activity and, in the case of clothing, the type of garment (3rd, down, fiber, or polar).Outer Layers

Alpha These products are considered the most technical (hard shells) and are designed for technical mountaineering and climbing. They should have waterproof and breathable outer layers if they are clothing.

Beta is The most popular range of outer layer waterproof/breathable hard shells. These garments are “All Around Mountain,” actual all-terrain clothing that can be used for everything, from skiing to mountaineering.

Gamma This is their collection of softshells. They are very breathable and elastic and have different levels of thermal efficiency. They can cover external layers because they resist water and are highly resistant to chafing.

For example, look for Alpha on a jacket, backpack, gloves, or trousers. It is designed to protect you from the elements and provide good protection. Fiber

Proton Warm, technical mountaineering clothing with fiber insulation. Mid-layers that are lightweight and suitable for use in dry conditions. These are the most current garments for outer or mid-layer insulation. This is equivalent to Alpha for insulated clothing.

Atom: Multipurpose, warm, multipurpose garments made with Coreloft fiber insulation. When dry, they can be used as a lightweight mid-layer or an outer layer. These are the most current garments for exterior or mid-layer insulation. This is equivalent to Beta, but for garments that have insulation.


You will find two letters after the range’s name (Alpha or Beta, etc.)

SV Severe weather – designed for wear in severe weather conditions. They are made from the most robust, durable, and weather-resistant materials. This will ensure you stay dry, warm, and comfortable in even the harshest environments.

AR: All Around. Each product is ideal for multiple activities due to its wide range of features. AR products have a greater focus on weatherproof technology than shedding grams. This makes them suitable for all-around gear for any activity that requires protection.

Lightweight: Lightweight. They are incredibly light and strong but still provide adequate weather protection. Their durable materials are built to withstand the most challenging outdoor pursuits, such as granite multi-pitches and summit scrambles.

FL: Lightweight – These products are incredibly lightweight and yet provide high performance. These products are made for people who want to travel light and fast in various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and wind.

Superlight: Products made with light materials and with a preference for lighter weight. They are highly portable and provide outstanding weather protection.

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