How do you choose the right waterproof Jacket?

How do you choose the right waterproof Jacket?

We all know the expression, “When it rains it pours”. Having said all that, I’d also like to quote an old Swedish saying: “There is no bad weather. Only bad clothing.”

Rain can be dangerous. We often misjudge it or aren’t prepared for it. You might experience severe weather conditions while on a hike or walking through the woods during a monsoon. All you need at this point is the best waterproof gear that suits your purpose. Let’s first discuss rain before we get into choosing waterproof jackets.

Rain can come in many forms: light, moderate, and heavy rain. You need protection from rain, whether you’re a lover of the outdoors (which I do) or a city shopper who loves to see the sights. The rain jacket will keep you dry and allow you to continue your journey.

These are some rain jacket ideas.

NH100 Rain cut Jacket This Jacket is waterproof and can be worn for up to 2 hours in continuous rain. It can be folded in its pocket and stored away for city walks. These jackets are available in two styles: full zip and half zip.

MH100 Waterproof Jacket This Jacket with 5000 MM waterproofing is perfect for moderate rain. It’s the perfect choice for a half-day stroll in the woods or to spend the day hiking or cycling through the city. The inner portion of the Jacket has mesh that allows for good ventilation and helps to reduce condensation. The Jacket’s best feature is its removable hood, which allows it to be used for multiple purposes.

MH150 Waterproof Jacket This Jacket is waterproof and can be used in heavy rains. It is ideal for walking, commuting, and hiking for up to three days. This Jacket is waterproof and windproof, providing you with good protection in moderately windy conditions. The Jacket is also large enough to allow you to layer up if the weather turns colder or windier. The best thing about the Jacket? It’s Visor on the Hood. This protects you from the rain and improves visibility. All pockets are zip-accessible, including the inner one.

MH500 Waterproof Jacket This Jacket can be used in heavy rains or during a downpour. This Jacket is ideal for walking up to five days a week or commuting. The Jacket is windproof and has taped zips to protect your belongings. The Jacket is lightweight with 15000 MM waterproofing. It also has a zip underneath, which allows for ventilation. Jackets have enough space to layer with other clothing in case of extreme cold.

Travel 3 In 1 Jacket This Jacket is versatile and works for all purposes. The Jacket is made up of two layers. The inner layer is a fleece- or padded Jacket, and the outer layer is a waterproof jacket. You can heat the Jacket from 0 to 10 degrees depending on which layer you choose. You can take both layers off and wear them separately. It can be used for three purposes, as the name suggests. Both the inner and outer layers can be used for rain and cold. Only the inner layer is needed for cold weather, and the outer layer is required for rain. This Jacket has a waterproofing of 5000 MM. This Jacket is one of the most versatile jackets.

Tips & Tricks to a Better Experience

  • For a better visibility, adjust your hood using a drawstring.
  • To prevent your shirts and t-shirts from getting wet, always tuck them into the pant before you wear the Jacket. This will ensure that a rain jacket fits well.
  • Keep your Jacket up high so you can reach it in an emergency.
  • For better protection against the rain, use the drawstring at the waist.
  • When the Jacket is completely dry, fold it and store it.
  • Avoid using any of the jackets mentioned above for biking.


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