Hanwag Banks GTX Review

Hanwag Banks GTX Review

Hanwag is a brand I was familiar with for its reputation for making excellent hiking boots. However, it’s not one I’ve seen much of in the UK. Hanwag boots aren’t as well-known as the other more popular brands, except for a few Cotswold Outdoor shops. This is a shame, as these boots were tested in the Peak District on a long hike.

Hanwag is a brand that I’m not sure you are familiar with. Hanwag has been producing high-quality mountaineering and hiking boots for over 100 years. Hanwag is based in Germany and has a renowned reputation across Europe. This is why more people in the UK have started to inquire about their boots and shop online.

Hans Wagner founded the company. His brother, Lorenz Wagner, established Lowa Boots as a leader in hiking boot manufacturing.

The Hanwag Banks GTX boots are nubuck leather boots with a Goretex lining. I have been using them for the past several weeks. Hanwag says the boot is ‘designed to be worn on difficult hikes in terrain ranging between lower mountain ranges to foothills of Alps, and easier hut to hut trails with a lighter pack’.


  • Nubuck Leather/Suede/Synthetic Uppers
  • Goretex Membrane
  • Vibram Endurance Pro Outer Sol

Hanwag Banks GTX Review

I was not sure if I would like the boots. I have worn these boots daily for the past few months, but they were a bright orange pair of Salomon Quest4Ds. A simple, black leather boot is a good compromise.

When I opened the box, I realized this was a high-quality boot. Even though I don’t usually like black leather boots, I like how they look. However, the important thing is how they perform on a hike.

These boots are light on the hands and feet and even more so at the ankle. The thick Vibram sole combined with the high ankle support makes them feel like a boot that is not only supportive but also lightweight and elegant. They were so comfortable that I could wear them for the first time the next day.

To test these boots, I chose to go to the Peak District. It is a 10-mile hike in the hills above Dovestone reservoir. The terrain varies from hard, compacted gravel to wet, peaty, moorland and sharp jagged rock. This good mix can be used to walk most of the UK.

The boots were very comfortable and able to handle the walk. They were comfortable from the start, with no rubbing or hot points. I almost forgot they were new for the first few hours of walking.

The boots’ grip was amazing. One section of the walk was difficult because I accidentally turned onto a trail more for mountain biking than walking. It was steep and thick mud, but my boots didn’t mind. I expected a little slippage every time I put my foot in the mud, but it didn’t happen. I quickly climbed the hill with my foot planted.

The path climbed to the top of the hill and followed the edge of the hills above the reservoir. There were many deep puddles all around. The arrival of autumn. With a Goretex lining and leather boots, I could go straight through the water without worrying.

After 7 to 8 miles, I felt the boots needed more cushioning. My feet started to hurt after walking on particularly rough terrain. I was glad to take the boots off when it was time to return to the car. This was not a problem after just a few hours of walking. You can easily fix it by adding thin insoles for additional cushioning.

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