Women’s puffer jacket Australia

Women’s puffer jacket Australia

Women’s puffer jacket Australia

A good puffer jacket is a must-have winter wardrobe item. A good puffer jacket will keep your body warm and dry in the coldest conditions. The puffer coat is similar to a duvet, but it’s also one of our most versatile options.

Although puffer jackets are a classic, they seem to be in vogue again as the temperatures drop. The puffer jacket is the one coat that can be worn with confidence.

Why? Because it is a piece that speaks for its own sake, the puffer coat is one of the easiest to style. There are so many options for puffer coats, including lengths, weights and sizes, that you can easily incorporate one into your outfit. We’ve compiled a list of top puffer jacket outfit ideas from the internet to help you get started. Scroll down for major inspiration on how to style puffer jackets.

How to style a Textured Puffer Jacket?

This puffer jacket is a statement piece on its own. You can swap out the large-sized look with cargo for a more casual look with leggings and socks. Or, keep warm with a pair of UGGs.

We loved this jacket by The North Face, but similar styles have been seen at Napapijri, ASOS, and ASOS. This jacket can be paired with CarharttDickies cargos and a Nike baby shirt and cap to recreate the ‘fit.

How to Style a Cropped Puffer jacket?

This jacket’s cropped proportions make it an excellent choice to wear with wide-leg jeans or trousers. You can also pair it with tailored ones, such as the Dickies or faux leather pants. Sofia loves how she wears her Dickies waistband down to make it edgier. You can opt for a low-rise look if you feel brave, but it won’t be the warmest winter look.

It’s not difficult to find Cropped Puffer jackets, and almost everyone has one. While North Face sells a cropped version of their famous Nuptse jacket, you can also find budget-friendly styles at ASOS and Bershka.

How to Style a Fitted Puffer Jacket?

Street-ready look shows that puffer coats don’t need to be bulky. This look is perfect for fashion week. She paired TALA’s Zero Belted Puffer jacket with form-fitting leggings and high boots.

We recommend that you keep the whole look fitted due to the jacket’s midi length. We recommend leggings, but you can also wear tights and a skirt underneath to create a cozy look.

TALA’s coats are sustainable and cruelty-free. However, ASOS, Monki, and Bershka also offer great belted puffer options to keep you toasty.

How to Style an Oversized Puffer Jacket?

This is the ultimate streetwear look. This look is easy to recreate. All you need to do is wear a maxi puffer and some comfortable sweatpants. This monochrome look is a favorite of Alicia Roddy. It gives off cozy vibes with a grey jacket, hoodie, and matching joggers.

To avoid looking like the Michelin Man, you should keep your down jacket quite fitted. Sweatshirts or Joggers will work as long as they aren’t too tight. However, a knit sweater and leggings might be a better choice. To avoid looking like you are drowning in your ‘fit, look for something that tapers at the ankle. You can finish this look with a Chanel bag like Lissy or a cute beanie and an over-the shoulder bag.

It’s not difficult to find long puffers. One Lissy wore is by Superdry. However, similar styles can be found at Dickies and Nike. The most popular tracksuits we recommend are either Nike or Adidas. However, if you want something more fashion-forward, then consider one from PANGAEA.

How to Style Coloured Puffer Jackets?

A coloured puffer jacket is a great way to add some color to your look. Ellie is wearing a combination of a yellow and black North Face Nuptse, with an all-black ‘fit. This creates contrast. It’s so easy to look polished when Ellie matches her shade with her Nike Air Dunks.

You don’t need a coloured puffer to achieve this look? Then you can always choose a black puffer to match your sweatshirt and accessories with your shoes.

The North Face has some amazing coloured puffer coats. But most brands also have other options. We love the Weekday, ASOS Collusion options – you can change up your puffer colour with seasonal fashion trends by purchasing a bargain.

How to Style a Dressed Up Puffer?

You can dress up a puffer jacket, despite what you may have heard. A quilted puffer can be sub-dressed for winter chills when a blazer isn’t enough. Bec Watkinson creates this look by wearing an oversized shirt dress, high-cut boots, and accessories it with a scarf and sunnies.

You could even swap the tee out for a menswear-style, oversized shirt or black turtleneck jumper. For a more polished look, pair this shirt with high-waisted tailored pants.

An oversized puffer with smart details is required for this look. For a more stylish look, opt for a style with a high collar and oversized details.

There you have it. A puffer jacket is a great option for staying warm. It can also be worn in many different ways. A puffer jacket is a great option for warmth and style. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your personal style. These outfits are sure to inspire you. Don’t forget, tag us on Instagram #ootd if you recreate them!

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