Now that summer is officially over, and it’s time to put away your shorts and bikinis. Street style is where to go for inspiration when predicting what will be hot this autumn/winter. We’ve collected the top street style trends for the Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion week, from London to Paris. You’ll find all the information you need here, whether you want to know which shoes to rock or how to wear frill bottom pants.

Frill-Bottom Pants

Last season, frills and ruffles were big and will continue to be huge in fashion. Try pants instead of reaching for tops and dresses to get your frilly fix this season. The latest version of this trend is frill-hem pants. They are a great way for you to look at a modern twist. While ruffle trim pants are a bold statement piece, you can adjust the style to your liking. For a bold look, choose higher up and more volumized frills. You can choose a version that has a mini ruffle at the ankles or mid-shin for a more subtle look.


Street style stars looked tangled and tied in every way possible this season. Some wore large belts, while others wore elaborate buckles. But it was the lace-ups who shined brightest. We don’t mean lace-up sneakers or boots. We refer to intricately and intriguingly laced pants and jeans, dresses and jackets. This trend is a big hit this winter and comes in two main forms. There were two main types of this trend: the bold, sometimes provocative, styles that displayed graphic skin flashes and included metal eyelets. There were also delicate designs that used soft ribbons to weave through clothes and tie them into loopy bows.

Pointy-Toe Kitten Heels

Last season’s trendy and casual sneakers are being replaced by something more sophisticated. The kitten heel is back, bringing its refined style to the streets. These vintage shoes are elegant and comfortable, making them perfect for any occasion. You can pair them with jeans, cigarette pants, or a dress for dinner. This fashionable shoe will elevate your outfit no matter what style you choose. To ensure maximum maturity, make sure you choose a pointed-toe model.

Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings have been popping up all over the place this year. But now is the time to pay attention. The Autumn/Winter 2022 fashion week saw the classic hosiery look everywhere, and it is now a must-have style. Fishnets stockings can be worn with dresses, skirts, or underpants with pumps. This season, fishnet was not just embraced in stockings. Fishnet socks and tops were also popular among women. You can either wear the trend yourself in a tightly knitted style to create a sophisticated and elegant look or with large, graphic gaps to make it more striking.

Racing Stripes

Sports luxe and Athleisure continue to be a big trend and should be part of your fall/winter wardrobe. What is the new athleisure must-have? Racing stripes. Sports-inspired stripes will be all the rage this season. They will not only be found on sweat pants and jumpers but also in other places. Racing stripes will be a staple this season, whether a pair or a dress with cropped work pants. Opt for eye-catching designs with boldly coloured lines and contrasting backgrounds to make the most of this trend for the best results.

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