The best walking pants that can withstand the most difficult hikes

The best walking pants that can withstand the most difficult hikes

The only place we can walk is right near our homes. For most, this will be on flat pavements. We can take this time to plan our next walk with friends or challenge ourselves on a ramble.

Walking trousers are essential for anyone who wants to conquer Britain’s highest peaks or enjoy a casual stroll in the local woods. Walking comfortably with durable and lightweight trousers will not make you feel bloated even if you walk for miles in a single day.

Walking trousers or slim-cut legging-style walking tights are worn close to the skin. They aren’t waterproof. If the skies open, you will need to wear waterproof pants over your walking trousers. However, walking trousers are usually water-resistant enough to withstand light rain.

These walking trousers are typically made of lightweight synthetic materials, so they can dry quickly if they get wet. They also can wick away sweat well in hot climates.

For added warmth, choose a thicker, more insulated pair if you plan to use them in winter and autumn in the UK.

Try on walking trousers in person if possible. We like high-waisted adjustable walk trousers for comfort. Walking trousers should allow you to bend over and squat without restriction. Reinforced knees and ankle panels can be very useful for sitting on uneven ground or wearing crampons. A few pockets are also helpful.

There are many styles of walking trousers that will suit every person. Some can even be worn in cities. Tights are a great choice if you don’t prefer wide, flapping trousers. They can be worn under waterproof outer layers.

Walking trousers can be zip-off into shorts. This is useful when walking in unpredictable weather or with limited packing space. These high-performing pairs of walking trousers for men and women were tested on hikes in difficult weather conditions.

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Fjallraven women’s and men’s kayak curved trousers for men and women: PS145, Fjallraven

These stunning walking trousers feel and look like cotton chinos. They are smart enough to be worn in the city and can also be used for walking. The reinforced rear panel is strong and durable, making them ideal for long hikes or camping trips. We also love the deep zipped pockets, adjustable cuffs, and articulated knee panels. Despite their thick cotton feel, the trousers dried quickly. You can also make them water-resistant with Fjallraven’s Greenland wax (which you need to purchase separately). The bright colors of plum and yellow make a refreshing change from the muted shades of walking trouser styles.

GORE H5 Windstopper trousers for men and women: PS153.99, Gore

These trousers may be expensive, but they are amazing. They keep the wind from cutting through your legs, keep you warm and protect you from the elements. These trousers are one of our most comfortable, featuring a high waist, a fleecy lined lining, reinforced knees, ankles, and well-placed zippered pockets. These are the perfect trouser for outdoor adventures, and they’re worth every penny if you have the means to spend.

Sherpa women’s Kalpana hiking tights for Sherpa: PS50, Sherpa

These sleek, slim leggings offer the ultimate versatility. They are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and can be worn for long periods without feeling uncomfortable. The handy zipped side pockets can store your phone and other essentials. These are great for traveling: you can use them as yoga pants or running tight, as well as on the trail. These tights are good for the environment. Sherpa donates funds for education and other resources to children in Nepal for every product sold.

Fjallraven women’s and men’s abisko trekking shorts for men: PS150, Fjallraven

Fjallraven’s Abisko tights are our favorite, and we continue to wear them. Although they are very close cut, these tights are so soft and comfortable that you won’t even notice wearing them. They are easy to clean, stay in shape, have a map pocket and a zippered compartment, and fit well under waterproofs. These are expensive, but they offer exquisite quality. Look no further if you are looking for tights and not wide-leg trousers.

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