The Ronhill Hyperchill jacket was designed to be worn on cold days. It would be best if you had more warmth and protection from the elements. This layer is crucial for running, as heat can be generated from the moment you begin to run. The Hyperchill Jacket is versatile enough to be worn in temperatures as low as 10 degrees but still provides enough warmth when it drops below freezing.

The Hyperchill Jacket is made from a variety of materials to achieve this. The Prism fabric, 100% recycled material (the picture shows it as royal blue), is used for the arms, sides and back. Prism fabric uses a honeycomb pattern to trap air and insulate your body. Prism fabric only transports moisture in one direction. It pulls moisture away from your body so that it can evaporate and not become trapped in the fabric.

The jacket’s front, upper and lower back uses Octa fabric (see the photos). This fabric is made from hollow fibres. It is extremely light and allows moisture to escape from the body. The air trapped between the fibres increases the jacket’s insulation. The Octa fabric is covered in Tornado fabric (cobalt, as shown in the photos), which helps keep the wind out and provides water resistance.

I get very hot and sweat a lot. I would wear a base layer and a Gillet as my running clothes to stop the wind blowing. For colder days, I keep a padded gilet. This outfit has a drawback. It doesn’t feel snug when you go out in the elements. Once you’ve developed some heat, it will be fine. This knowledge encourages me to run faster on colder days and for easy runs. To test the Hyperchill Jacket’s breathability, I was eager to try it. The Hyperchill Jacket is still new to the market. I got a sample, so I have used it for almost a year in many different conditions.

First, it is lighter than it appears. It doesn’t feel like wearing a winter coat more than a lightweight jumper. It does feel snug. On cold days, it feels like you’re dressed for the weather. It is fitted snugly over a baselayer, increasing insulation and wicking. The sleeves are long enough to pull them over your hands, and the end folds to form a mitten. If you don’t need a mitten, there are thumb loops.

The Hyperchill is a great option for cold days. It keeps you warm and wicks away sweat. Even after you’ve been out for several hours, you won’t notice that your jacket has become saturated with sweat. It breathes well. You don’t have to take your jacket off. However, windproof sleeves can make your arms chilly on windy days. You can’t have everything. If the sleeves were covered with windproof material, the jacket wouldn’t breathe as well and would only work on cold days.


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