Roblox’s digital clothing creators discuss designing for Roblox’s metaverse world.

Roblox’s digital clothing creators discuss designing for Roblox’s metaverse world.

The virtual fashion industry has grown to be a thriving industry in the last year. Many brands have jumped on the opportunity to explore the new metaverse. Roblox, which boasts a community of 49,000,000 active users, has caught the attention of brands. They can play games, socialize, and create their avatars on Roblox every day.

It has become an increasingly important entry point for fashion brands. Many have been high-fashion designers making their first moves into the digital marketplace. Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren are just a few Roblox users who have made their way into the Roblox world via exclusive events and digital clothing drops.

The platform is so popular that fashion items can be purchased through it. The company stated in 2021 that more than 25 million virtual items were created using 5.8 billion items purchased throughout the year.

Roblox encourages indie creators to explore their creativity, even as big designers continue to test the online platform. Roblox’s nine million-strong group of indie developers are supported by initiatives such as Roblox’s user-generated content (UGC), which allows creators to create new designs that can then be purchased and worn by its users.

The site also recently introduced Layered Clothing, an avatar technology that allows virtual designs to be worn by any avatar. It acts as a digital version of ‘one-size fits all clothing. This new feature aims to encourage self-expression on the site and offer more creative options for metaverse fashion.

Roblox believes that indie designers are the ones who define fashion’s place in virtual reality. Big-name brands may continue to embrace virtual design. 


Vivian Arellano is a US-based developer and UGC creator and is one of the most prominent figures in digital design. She has worked previously with various brands and record labels to create virtual designs.

Could you please tell me about your latest collection/design concepts?

I enjoy designing cute and quirky fashion items. Sometimes, I combine two semi-random things, such as gadgets or clothing articles. Roblox is great because you can dress up however you like. I tend to make things you might not see in real life, such as a witch hat that looks like a strawberry crepe or a coin purse like a bottle of cherry cola.

A set of lotus-inspired products was one of my latest projects. These items work together to make a magical outfit for a water fairy. This is one of my favourite things I have made. These sets currently require each piece to be purchased separately. However, Layered Clothing’s new technology could allow me to transform my next set into one item that moves according to the avatar’s body type. There are so many collections in the works.

How did you get started in digital design?

I began sharing my artwork in 2014 of avatars I liked on Twitter. Soon enough, people started asking me to draw them. This led me to other jobs related to digital art, such as game design, concept design and icon creation. My first 3D modelling experience was in 2019. My career as a digital fashion designer took off during the pandemic. Roblox’s Developer Exchange Programme allowed me to provide financial support for my family and even purchase a car for my mom.

Who is your product typically targeted at?

My products should be aimed at younger and older players who don’t want their appearance to be the same as everyone else. For those who have a vision of a central piece, every other wearable article revolves around it. My items should be the centrepiece of their outfits. My items are the centrepiece of outfits that players create now.

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