Get Ready for the Upcoming Monsoon

Get Ready for the Upcoming Monsoon

After the scorching heat of summer, the monsoon brings relief. Rains can also make you look messy and wet while celebrating this season. The rainy season is beautiful because of the dew on the leaves and the cool breeze. This was something we all waited for 4 months. It’s easy to get dressed up and look our best when everything is beautiful and sunny. The season’s excitement can be ruined by heavy downpours, especially in India, where the weather is often extreme. The monsoon is your chance to be different from the rest when it comes down to fashion. You can beat the monsoon fashion myths with umbrellas. These monsoon fashion tips will make you stand out from the crowd.

1. Add some colour to your wardrobe

The monsoon brings not only the rains but also gloomy weather. Pop colours can lift your mood. When paired with neutrals, colours like yellow, pink, and orange are great. Colour blocking is a great fashion choice for rainy seasons to achieve a monsoon-inspired look. They can help you avoid staining your clothes if you’re looking for street food.

2. Be light, funky, and loose

Light clothes and fabrics that dry quickly will make you feel prepared for the rainy season. Monsoon fashion can be tricky because the goal is not only to look fashionable but also to protect yourself from the rains. If you don’t do it right, monsoon fashion might look messy. You should choose nylon or chiffon fabrics to take advantage of the rain. They dry quickly. Cotton is lightweight and breathable, so if you don’t want to get soaked, you can choose cotton. It is easy to wear loose-fitting clothes such as midi or flared dresses.

3. DenimsDenims, skinny and dark in colour, are a favourite of both men and women. If types of denim are your favourite, don’t compromise just because it’s rainy season. This monsoon season, wear skinny jeans, slim-fit types of denim, or water-resistant jeans. The slim-fit jeans are made from lightweight denim and spandex, which makes them stretchy and quick to dry. They are flexible and can be worn for a commute. Quick-drying spandex will dry you quickly in the monsoon season. Fashion brands are launching water-repellant jeans that will be a must-have for monsoon fashion. These jeans are perfect for rainy season wear because they are flexible and dry quickly.

4. Capris and Tunics

For a comfortable monsoon look, turbans are the best choice. A piece of light fabric is best for utilises, which should be loose but not too tight. Choose bright and dark colours to compensate for the grey and dull weather. Bright colours will lift your mood. You can also wear shorts or capris for monsoon style. Capris should be loose to allow them to dry quickly. For the best rainy days, pair your bright tunics with capris.

5. Accessorize to monsoon

When we speak about monsoons, umbrellas will be the first to come to mind. There are many options for umbrellas to match your outfit. You will be noticed and will get compliments on your monsoon style. The rainbow umbrellas will brighten up the rainy days, while the polka dots umbrellas will enhance your personality and make you feel chic and comfortable. You can also choose the foldable umbrellas that fit into your backpack if you don’t like showing off your umbrellas. You will love see-through umbrellas if you are creative and like to personalize your items.

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