Another season means another set of styles to explore. It’s changing in temperature, so get out your long coats, boots and neutral shades. Layering is a must. Fashion has never been more exciting. We will reintroduce the Y2K aesthetic and introduce some new styling techniques as we discuss the 15 fashion trends we loved during the Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Weeks.

1. Beaded Embellishments

Beaded beads will elevate your everyday look to something extraordinary. This delicate and delicate embellishment is ideal for people who wish to express their feelings of regality but don’t want to commit. Pair the mini dress with chunky boots and stockings for a punk-inspired look. Or keep it casual with a puffer coat. For a look that can be worn year-round, add the embellishments to a jacket, favourite jeans or blouse.

2. Cut-Outs

This season, cut-outs are big. It’s easy for us to see why, from the runway to the red carpet and everywhere else. This is a simple way to look sexy and a throwback to the Y2K trend. This season, take inspiration from Stella McCartney and Nensi Dojaka for asymmetrical tights, slinky mini-dresses and trousers. These can be worn with similar skin-tight items, such as leather skirts or flared trousers. You can also mix casual and evening wear with denim or take inspiration from the corporate world by wearing an oversized suit.

3. Jackets with Fringing Detail

Fringe is a trend that has its moments, but it returns to the forefront now and again. This trend adds movement to your outfit. It was originally used to prevent hems from unravelling, but it is now a fashion statement. This fabric is most commonly found at the edges of jeans, but it’s also great on blazers and wool coats. This look allows you to mix and match layers, including a long skirt and minimal accessories. Flared trousers are also possible.

4. Clashing Prints

Anyone who said clashing patterns were impossible to wear never had the opportunity to see how you can do it. Mixing and matching patterns is the key to 2021. You can find everything from snakeskin to 70s swirls in greens, creams, and even a pair of multicoloured Prada printed boots with a mustard-coloured turtleneck. This trend offers a wide range of options. If the temperature drops, you can break it up by using a solid colour, such as a navy suit, a black vest or a trench coat.

5. Ruched Dresses

This season, the ruched dress has been redesigned. This versatile and flattering outfit can be dressed up or down and is great for all occasions. A mini dress with an exaggerated gathering is a great alternative to the classic silhouette. It is also perfect for transitional times. The outfit can be enhanced with additional elements such as asymmetrical shoulders, fringes, mixed textures, and other details. You can add some classic accessories such as gold jewellery and leather gloves. You have many options for footwear, including sneakers and knee boots as well as strappy sandals.

6. Coats in PU and long leather

The need for coats grows as the warmer weather passes. The Y2K look is back this season, but with long leather coats. Two-tone designs are a modern interpretation of this trend. You can choose from neutral tones, dark browns, classic black, and animal prints. For the ultimate cool-girl look, let the length of your outerwear fall off your shoulders with a sleeveless shirt, skirt or trousers. You can also buckle up and shield yourself from the elements with coordinating hues. This will give the ensemble depth without any effort.

7. Tight Catsuits

A catsuit is a great way to keep hot girl summer going all year long. This outfit is not only sexy but versatile enough to be worn almost anywhere. You can wear it any season, whether you add an oversized coat to contrast – like Kim Kardashian – or show off every inch of your body. If you’re looking to match them with many jackets and accessories, you can stick to neutral, dark or solid colours. Or you can go bold with prints like Prada or Pucci-inspired ones. Make sure that your entire outfit matches the colour scheme or has a similar theme to get the best results.

8. Oversized Suits in Natural Tones

Oversized suits have been a trend on the runway for quite some time, but we are keeping it simple this season. This versatile and flattering ensemble can be worn anywhere. It’s great for work, brunch dates, or even a trip to the market. A basic T-shirt and sneakers or slides can be all you need to create a stylish, sophisticated outfit. In the winter, a slinky turtleneck with stilettos is a great match. When warmer weather, you can show some skin by wearing a camisole under or crop top. You can also go natural underneath.

9. Stone Color Coats & Trouser Sets

This season neutrals are in fashion, highlighting the stone suit. You can effortlessly transition from summer into fall by wearing a pair of light trousers with a matching coat. You can add a turtleneck or shirt to a crisp white shirt for monochrome and a clean silhouette. This palette has many coordinating shades that are beautiful. You don’t need to use browns, greys and black. Instead, try yellow, orange and blue for some colour. This look is best worn with clean clothes.

10. Bra as a Crop Top

Layering is essential as we transition from one season to the next. You can create new looks by mixing and matching different pieces of clothing. We are swooning over the bra as a crop top this season. These delicate fabrics look great paired with skirts, high-waisted trousers, and everything between. These bralettes can be used to break up monochrome patterns or clashing patterns. For a modern take on a retro look, try a pair of flared pants or wide-leg trousers and a long jacket.

11. Beret Hats

Mes cheris, it is time to say bonjour berets! This French-inspired trend is all the rage at Fashion Week, and we are channelling it for fall. Because of their chic appeal, these hats instantly elevate any outfit. You can wear them in many ways. Place it on top of your head with a slight tilt to one side for the classic look. Or you can secure it to your crown or cover the entire head. To find the best fit, it’s a good idea for you to test them before buying. Blair Waldorf has a great idea. Make them a regular in your winter wardrobe.

12. Statement Pearl Details

Do you want to feel like royalty but without commitment? This trend may be right for you. Pearl embellishments are all the rage this season. They can be found on everything from bag straps to jackets and vests. Although the pearlies were a big influence in the UK, today’s fashion trends are all about adding a modern twist to these classic details. A simple camisole can be paired with a statement necklace across the shoulders, a mini dress with encrusted gems, or subtle trimming jeans or a blazer. This combination looks great with dark colours, but don’t be afraid to add some colour, such as pastels, neons or neutrals. Pearls are always appropriate, as Jackie Kennedy once stated.

13. Gloves in Pop Colors

Even chilly temperatures can’t stop some colour this fall/winter. A set of leather gloves in pop colours will add warmth and vibrancy to your all-black outfit. This trend is not new, but you would expect neutral colours. Designers like Prada have turned this trend on its head by bringing them back into the accessory spotlight. They are now available in bold colours like orange, green, and blue paired with primary and secondary colours. You can also try neutrals paired with warm colours like yellow, cherry red, and pink.

14. Green Sunglasses

The classic green shades are another throwback to the Y2K virus. These sunglasses are not for the faint-hearted, but they can look amazing when done correctly. You can make them a statement accessory by pairing them with a plaid shirt and a neutral colour palette. If you’re feeling bold, add a touch of black to the ensemble to give it a Matrix-inspired look. You can also style them in many different colours. If you are looking for bolder colours, stick with similar hues like teal, aqua and lemon.

15. Boots for the Over-the-Knee

Over the knee, fashion has advanced beyond what was fashionable a few years back. There are many options for how to wear this footwear. Mixing flesh-covering boots and a mini skirt, blazer, or flirty shorts will give the illusion of longer legs. This creates movement and gives the footwear a more elongated look. You can make a bold statement by choosing a pair with a striking colour or texture such as cherry red, animal prints, sparkly Lurex or Swarovski crystals. Your accessories should be in the same style as your shoes or minimally as possible if you choose bold shoes.


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