Sorel Caribou Boots – The Rundown

The Sorel Caribou can withstand weather conditions, including Arctic cold, drifting snow and treacherous ice, and deep slushy pools. These boots make winter weather irrelevant for the comfort of your feet.

My Story

Being a father to two young children means hibernating in bad weather is not an option. Children need to be outside and never get cold. After enduring several winters in heavy-duty boots, it was time to get rid of my misery and find the best protection. I didn’t want to be warm and dry and wanted warmth and more protection than I could ever need. After testing out many models, I finally settled on the Sorel Caribou. I am not disappointed. They are my favorite winter boot. They are warm, waterproof, and high enough to withstand deep snow. Montreal winter put this boot through its paces in all conditions and passed with flying colors.


The boots come with a 9mm “ThermoPlus” felt liner and are rated at -40C by Sorel comfort. Although I have not had to test the maximum limit of their claims, I was able to wear them in windchill conditions as low as -36C. My feet were fully insulated after about 40 minutes of standing still. There are warmer boots available, but I don’t know when I would need them.

Snow and Water Resistance

The boots are seam-sealed, and the foot shell is made of vulcanized rubber. While the upper is waterproofed with nubuck leather, the boots are fully waterproofed. The bottom of the boot is an old-fashioned “rubber boot” for all intents and purposes. Although I haven’t found a deep enough puddle to test the bottom, I have tried it in icy water and slushy puddles, and they didn’t hold up against the Caribou. Snow infiltration is almost impossible with a shaft height of 9 inches.


Sorel calls this outsole pattern “AeroTrac”, but I call it “good”. The rubber treads can grip any weather condition and don’t lose traction in colder temperatures.

Fit, comfort and feel

These boots fit true to size, although they are slightly larger than normal. For people with narrow feet, the last is quite large. This boot is a comfortable slipper because of its generous fit and soft cushioning from the felt liner. The downside is that the same cushioning doesn’t give you a good sense of the ground beneath your feet. These boots weigh 37 oz and are heavier than comparable products by other manufacturers.


These boots are simple to put on and take off. It is easy to lace up these boots thanks to the large metal eyelets. The felt liner was a concern as it might pull off every time I removed the boot, but this has not been an issue. You can also remove the liner for quick drying if needed. If they get worn out, you can purchase replacement liners from Sorel.


Beauty is all in the eyes of the beholder. The Sorel Caribou style, however, is timeless. Wear your pants with the boot on top or tucked in deeper snow for a more urban look. This time-tested look will make you stand out from the crowd.

These boots are my favorite if you haven’t guessed already. These boots are all you need in winter boots. They are impervious to cold and water and can be worn in any weather conditions.

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