The Best Kids’ Rucksacks

The Best Kids’ Rucksacks

My favourite thing about growing up was going to the shops to buy a school bag. I love a good rucksack, and after we got rid of the changing bag, we switched to smaller rucksacks for our girls.

These are great for trips out or nursery days. Although the girls rarely use them for more than five minutes, they must have one that is easy to carry.

Rucksacks have evolved in design and quality. There are so many I want my girls to have. They look adorable in miniature sizes.

Animal Inspired

Skip Hop has been a favourite of ours for a long time. They are known for their unique animal designs like this giraffe or this monkey. We have used the brand for years, buying everything from plates to playmats. We love their rucksacks with cute animal faces and bright colours. Molly was an owl at nursery, and Alice had the polar bear. You can store everything in their large rooms, from nappies and spare clothes to toys. They are also very durable. Molly still uses hers four years later, although I’m tempted to upgrade my Unicorn design. A unicorn backpack is a winner in my book.

Animal-shaped backpacks seem to be a popular choice for children! Little Life mini backpacks have a parent safety strap that acts like reins to keep your hand steady and prevent kids from running away at every opportunity. There are many designs available, from Tigers and Ladybirds. They are small enough to hold only a few necessities, but they are still easy enough to be carried by even the smallest toddler.

Trunki is well-known for making quality fun bags for children, but they also offer a wide range of backpacks that are perfect for little ones. These animal-shaped backpacks are waterproof and suitable for day trips or wet swimwear. We all know that it will rain on your trip to the zoo. The octopus and fish designs are my favourites.

Next offers a great selection of cheap rucksacks, such as this little elephant and this little bunny.

I must warn you that this bag can be very expensive, but I had to include it. This bag is a winner because of its traditional styling and the fun giraffe print.


This M&S buckle backpack is a great design. This bag is covered in bright badges and features smart detailing. It also has the usual M&S quality.

These duffle-strings bags by Zara are great for trips to the beach or pool. They come in a variety of bright colours. They are also only PS10.99, which is a great deal.

Monsoon has a wonderful collection of printed rucksacks. This hummingbird design looks great and is very bright. The Sophia backpack is just PS12.


House of Fraser offers a reduced price for a stunning denim Billy Bandit backpack. I am so tempted to buy it. This bag is a great choice.

These adorable Scandinavian-inspired rucksacks by AnnaLiv look great and are so cute. They are small enough to be carried by little ones but big enough to hold all the essentials for a day.


Mi Pac laptop bags are a favourite of the Ltd team. The rucksacks seem just as good. They come in various colours and patterns, making them a great school or pre-school bag. I love the soft grey version and the black-and-white elephant print. They aren’t meant for me, promise!


Joules has a reputation for making high-quality backpacks. This season, they have some really fun designs. This rocket is just as beautiful as the horse with floral print. You can even see flames at the bottom. AMAZING!

If you allow your child to choose, a Peppapig or Frozen backpack would be a great choice. Sometimes, you have to let your little ones have fun.

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