Sealskinz Cold Weather Sock Review – The Perfect Gift for Hikers

Sealskinz Cold Weather Sock Review – The Perfect Gift for Hikers

This Seakskinz cold-weather sock review was based on my recent run/hike along Lake Baikal in Russia. The socks are made from a mixture of Gore-Tex and merino wool. They will keep your feet dry and warm even in extreme environments.

But can they live up to the Sealskinz high standards we all know and love? Let’s see…

Sealskinz Waterproof Socks in a Nutshell

The trademarked Goretex three-layer system provides a waterproof, hardwearing shell.

The Merino wool lining keeps your feet warm and wicks away moisture.

Elasticated zones keep socks in place and offer additional support.

Flat-stitched seams on toes (made famous by the UK’s Commando socks) reduce rubbing, hot spots, and blisters.

A well-padded footbed can reduce the shockwaves generated by running or hiking hard.

It was rated three on Sealskinz Climate Guide (all-weather/cold).

Winter Performance

Sealskinz cold weather socks will keep you warm while active hiking/skiing/etc. They’ll also keep you cool for a short time if you’re not actively moving. On my 400-mile run/hike along Lake Baikal, temperatures plunged to -20C. Even during long pauses, my feet are kept warm by combining Merino wool with Gore-Tex.

As I discovered, Sealskinz waterproof socks are not designed for total immersion. The socks are secured by a series of elastic bands that keep them in place and prevent slipping. However, water can still get in if the cuff gets submerged.

They are also breathable. They are breathable and don’t retain moisture. I was tired, cold, and sweaty after a 40-mile trek on the lake while pulling a 60 kg pulk. Even though my outer Gore-Tex shell had been soaked by melting water, my feet were still dry.

Fit and feel good

These socks can feel unusual to some. They are semi-rigid and don’t fit like an everyday sock. They’re warm and flexible, and I quickly got used to them.

The socks stayed on the feet with the help of three elastic bands and the inherent rigidity. This was my most significant problem, which I have overcome through clever design.

The most surprising thing about my trip was that I only had two blisters, one on each of my tiny toes. I have traveled less distance with socks that prevent blisters and suffered more injuries.

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Sealskinz socks have limitations.

Gore-Tex is quick to dry, as I discovered after many soakings. Sealskin’s cold-weather sock does not differ from the norm. After one of my feet had been through the ice, it took a while to dry completely from body heat. That particular day, I dried the socks by hanging them from my tent’s washing line. Then I used my MSRXGK stove to dry them.

Although the socks performed well beyond the recommended temperature rating, I would not recommend using them below -20C. If you are like me, and your body is warm even when you slow jog, I recommend following Sealskinzs usage guidelines.

What is the Sealskzinz Cold Weather Socks rate?

Overall, they are perfect. They are warm and keep your feet dry, even when your shoes are wet. I could stay almost entirely blister-free for 400+ miles ( more tips). I wish someone could invent a Goretex sock that is quick-drying.

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