Redress Design Award 2022 Finalists Announced, Impressing Judges with Designs from Unique Waste streams

Redress Design Award 2022 Finalists Announced, Impressing Judges with Designs from Unique Waste streams

The Grand Final Fashion Presentation sees the top 10 fashion designers take on practical challenges to win Timberland collaboration funding and show their worth. Redress, an environmental NGO that works to reduce fashion waste, announces today the finalists of the Redress Design Award 20,22. Create Hong Kong (CreateHK), the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is the main sponsor.

Eight regions from around the world were selected to be the finalists. They will then bring their designs to life for the Grand Final Fashion Presentation in Hong Kong, which will take place in September. The winners will then be announced. Global textile waste is a problem. More than half of fast fashion clothes are thrown away within one year. Sustainable fashion design requires creativity and innovation. It also requires consideration of the source material, impact of manufacturing, usage, and product recyclability at the end of their life.

The finalists this year sought unique waste streams for their collections. These included hotel sheets, kimono, and obi silks, as well as damaged deadstock knitted collars. Many of the finalists used zero-waste patterns or other circular design techniques to increase the sustainability of their designs. Redress Design Award contestants’ educational journey proved to be a success. Three of its former semi-finalists applied again this year and were selected as finalists.

“The contestants are embracing sustainable practices and demonstrating new dimensions in colours, forms, and styles,” says Angus Tsui, one of the judges. One of the judges, Angus Tsui (creative director of his eponymous brand, an alumnus of the Redress Design Award), said that it was clear that the next-generation game-changers are working for a better tomorrow. The top finalists will receive career-changing prizes, including a sustainable design collaboration from VF Corporation’s Timberland teams and a development grant of HK$50,000 (6400 USD) for the winner.

The finalists’ work collectively demonstrates the power designers have to turn waste into something beautiful. Nissa Cornish is the Executive Director of Redress. She says, “As fashion emerges into a post pandemic world there is a renewed sense and commitment to sustainable production.” “These forward-thinking designers are part in this shift in how we make and use clothes. It is an honour to support them on their journey and show their talent.” Orsola de Castro, international fashion designer and co-founder of Fashion Revolution, said that the 10 finalists were judged on marketability. It must sing.

Christophe Degoix is Chief Operating Officer at TAL Apparel. He said, “Promoting sustainability products is crucial to the future apparel industry and those young designer across the globe are showing us how.” The 10 finalists will then send their complete collections to Hong Kong, including four physical looks and one digital outfit. UPS’ carbon neutral shipping will deliver the garments. The Grand Final Fashion Presentation will see the designers demonstrate their zero-waste and upcycling skills by taking on practical challenges set by industry leaders.

The Redress Design Award 2022 Finalists include:

  • Ashutosh Panda (India)
  • Cris Miranda, Chile
  • Drina Marco Spain
  • Federico Badini Confalonieri, Italy
  • Livia Aguiar de Castro, Brazil
  • Micaela Clubourg, Spain
  • Mohammed Numaan Khan, India
  • Nawoda Bandara (Sri Lanka)
  • Patrick Lam, Hong Kong (China).
  • Ruwanthi Gajadeera, Sri Lanka


Public votes were crucial in selecting the final 10 finalists. The finalists automatically progressed to the finalist round if they received the most votes. Cris Miranda, a Chilean fashion designer, was named the winner of the People’s Choice Award 2022. Their collection will be presented at the Grand Final in Hong Kong in September 2022.

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