Personal Safety While Camping

Personal Safety While Camping

Personal safety is paramount when it comes to camping safety. If you or your belongings are in danger, you won’t be able to have a great time in the great outdoors.

We camp a lot in remote areas. Being aware of the surroundings, we make personal safety our number one priority.

Camping is dangerous!

Camping has been a wonderful experience for our family. We have never felt unsafe while camping over many years.

While camping is the most dangerous thing, it’s also possible to die while camping. However, there are other safety concerns that may be of concern to tent campers as well as RVers.

You will need to adjust your protection depending on where you camp.

You can take control of most safety factors. Here are some tips to ensure your safety in the wilderness.

How to Find Safe Campsites

Before you travel to new campsites, do your research.

    1. Be sure to read reviews from multiple sources. You might find older reviews to be positive, but they may not have been written before the management changed.
    2. Ask fellow campers about particular locations. Forums and online groups are great for sharing real-world experiences with fellow campers.
    3. You can find crime statistics from your local authorities.
    4. You can assess the surrounding area of the RV park or campground to determine if it is safe or dangerous.

If your research is unsuccessful: When you arrive at your camping site, regardless of how positive you were about it during the research process, if there is an uneasy feeling about the area, trust your intuition and leave.

Choose The Safest Campsite

You should ensure your safety when choosing a campsite. These are some of the things that you need to consider.

Do you have cell phone service available in an emergency?

You can find sites with good signal strength in the same campground as those that have poor or no coverage.

Is the site accessible by others? Are there multiple escape routes? Will you be able to escape in an emergency?

Do the surroundings in remote areas lend themselves to a security system? Campers may set up a tripwire to alert them when animals or people approach. A simple system that alerts you of approaching animals or people will be made up of fishing line or string. Cans with marbles or other rocks can be attached to the trip wire.

Campsite Security Devices

You can enjoy your camping experience more if you use the right camping security equipment.

Layered defense allows you to respond quickly to dangerous situations with an early warning system. You can also use camping security products.

  1. Locking mechanisms can be used to secure your camping gear and your vehicle doors and windows. This is even if you’re only leaving for a brief time. You can keep valuables out of sight so that you don’t create trouble.
  2. A motion detector device can sound an alarm or turn on an LED outside your tent or RV. An audible alarm will alert you to movement. The light will be visible outside your tent or RV so that you can see what’s happening. However, friendly wildlife could be the reason for the activation so not every activation is dangerous. These devices can make your neighbors run for their lives, so be careful!
  3. If you are able to use your self-defense weapon against attackers, you can be protected by having them on you. You can choose from:
    • For fighting back against an aggressor, use baseball bats
    • For lighting up and to use as a weapon against an aggressor, heavy mag light flashlights are ideal.
    • A ring of keys should be held between your fingers and pointed outwards to make a self-defense weapon that can be used against an attacker.
    • Taser guns to stun an attacker and give you time for escape
    • Pepper sprays can be used to drive away aggressors. The range of the spray will depend on the type of pepper spray that you have. Some spray about 10 feet.
    • You may even be allowed to carry firearms. If you have a gun, you need to know the laws and how it works. It is not your intention for a criminal to take the gun from you and use it against yourself.

You should use camping security lights, glow in the dark stakes and illuminate potential tripping hazards. These are just a few of the camping safety tips that families really need to be aware.

Personal Security Door Alarms can be installed to notify you if anyone opens your door.

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