Organic Clothes For Babies And Children

Organic Clothes For Babies And Children

We have become more conscious of our actions’ effects on the environment. As a family, we have begun to make small changes such as purchasing more sustainable and eco-friendly products, reducing food waste, and being more aware of our choices. We have been researching lots of new products and sustainability initiatives. I have also worked with many brands that pride themselves on being sustainableFrugi is one such brand.

Who is Frugi?

Frugi is an award-winning organic clothing brand. Frugi prides itself on using 100% organic cotton grown by farmers they trust. They can ensure that their clothes are comfortable, soft, and durable. This is what parents want for their children. Frugi is not using cotton to make their indoor clothes but instead uses recycled plastic bottles to make their amazing outerwear. This saves the planet!

Frugi clothes are great for eco-conscious people, but they also appeal to those who are happy and energetic. All of their designs are bright and cheerful and lots of fun. You can find a variety of animals featured in their designs. They also add fun details like tassels or crazy faces to them. The children’s collection is filled with items that will make you smile whenever you look at them.

Review of Frugi organic clothing

Layla and Connor were each given two Frugi products to review.

Connor was eager to get on the clothes when they arrived. He has always loved quirky clothes and loved to wear them.

As a mom, I agree with Connor on the top. I love it. It was bright, unique and cheeky. It perfectly matches Connor’s personality! The quality of the T-shirt was great for my eight-year-old son, but it was a waste for him. Although it is difficult to see in the photos, it is thicker than a normal T-shirt. It’s soft and lovely and feels very well made.

The shorts were also his favourite, but at eight, these were more something he would wear with his T-shirt. He thought the T-shirt was the most important piece.

They retail for PS21, and I cannot fault them. These shorts are soft and lightweight, which is great for summer and will also be useful if we travel abroad. These are stylish and can be dressed up with a shirt to dress them up for events or down with a tee for everyday wear. These are versatile and should be a staple in any child’s summer wardrobe. They are also very long, but not too short. The thin cotton makes it easy to move in.

Layla loved the items she received. It is so refreshing that the main colour of their items isn’t pink. While I love her pink, it can get tedious when all the clothes are identical.

The green Esther playsuit is perfect. It’s perfect for her because she can run freely in it without worrying about tripping or losing her balance. But, at the same time, it looks cute and girly. This T-shirt is made of high-quality materials and will last, just like the one Connor tried. This item does not have poppers, so I have to remove it when changing my daughter’s nappy. It isn’t very pleasant, but it won’t stop me from buying another.

The Emilia Embroidered Cardigan is PS32. It’s also 100% organic cotton, but it looks more like wool. The flowers’ colours are beautiful and will match so many items in her wardrobe. Some of the flowers have frayed petals which fall off the main material. This makes it great for sensory learning and fun. Layla was fascinated by the tiny flowers on her arms and loved to play with them.

I was overall very pleased with the Frugi products. They are fun, well-made, durable and eco-friendly. To see their entire range, you can visit their website. Also, don’t forget to check their sales section to find some great deals.

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