Some facial hair will never go out of style. Many styles to choose from, including the classic mustache or the full-on fisherman beard. This iconic beard style was popularized by men like Wolverine and Elvis Presley in the 19th century. Here are some of the most popular mutton chop beard designs for men.

Neat Mutton Chops

This style suits a well-dressed man from the office to the club. This style is best for people who want a modern and subtle take on classic facial hair. Keep the sides of your beard short and not too thick. This look requires regular maintenance. This look requires a lot of grooming!

Bushy Mutton Chops

This style is for the man who doesn’t mind a little rebelliousness. Here’s how to achieve this look if it is your favorite. Once you have grown your beard, keep it trimmed to the chin. Trim it as needed after letting the facial hair grow for a while. Keep your mutton chops classic by taking care of the area.

Wolverine Mutton Chops

Wolverine is a constant presence in mutton chops. This style is not for the weak of heart, and Wolverine is well-known for its strong facial hair. The hair should be long and straight along your cheeks. As you reach the mustache and the chin, reduce the length. This width is just below the mouth and hits the middle of the cheek. These sideburns connect at the bottom of your chin, creating a sharp edge that doesn’t look too high.

Mutton Chops With Quiff

This quiff and beard combo is unique – trendy and easy to duplicate; it’s one of the most popular mutton chop styles. The mustache is kept short and neat across the jawline. Hair is left out of the chin. A quiff haircut balances the look. It is a stylish and trendy option for any style-conscious man.

Stubble Mutton Chops

This fine facial hair will keep you looking refined and not overdone. This stubble mutton cut style is perfect for those who prefer to keep their hair neat but still have a touch of a five-o’clock shadow. This look is achieved by keeping the hair short concerning your skin. Also, make sure you tidy the edges. To prevent your hair from getting shabby, trim it and buzz it every other day. This combination is easy and stylish.

Chops made of clean Mutton

This clean, shaven look blends regular mutton chops with sideburns. It is perfect for all occasions. The facial hair is long and straight, with no need to have a mustache. It’s not too short or too long, making it a great choice for either a casual event or a semi-formal party. You don’t want a bushy or unkempt beard.

Elvis Presley Mutton Chops Sideburns

There is no one like The King. So why not show your appreciation by sporting his mutton chops! Elvis was known for his distinctive facial hair, recognizable by his large sideburns and sharp edges. You can replicate this look by growing your hair as wide as possible. It would be best if you shaved in a diagonal pattern. The shortest part should be next to your earlobe. The longest should reach in the middle of your cheek. This is a great way of sculpting your jawline, and it pays tribute to Rock’n’Roll.

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