Miss Universe Australia National Costume

Miss Universe Australia National Costume

Miss Universe Australia National Costume

The delegates are in the last leg of pre-pageant activities and are already done with the head to head challenge and judge’s interview round, and next up is the much watched out for, national costume round, set to be held today at 7 PM (local time).

Daria Varlamova recently revealed her national costume for the preliminary competition on ‘The Morning Show’, an Australian morning talk show. Jonté Designs, in collaboration with Atelier Eight Millinery, designed and created the Miss Universe Australia National Costume. Featuring the magnificence of Australia with huge vistas of oceans juxtaposed with red land and vivid local plants, this exhibition celebrates mother nature’s natural gifts.

Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil

Miss Universe Australia Maria Thattil took to the stage in her national costume, but one element was missing.

The costume that the 27-year old unveiled last month on TV was inspired by Australia’s black Swan with 105 feathers, and a motor to make the wings spin.

Just before Ms. Thattil was about to take the stage for the national costume segment, she discovered that the most striking element of the outfit had failed.

“Five minutes prior to going on stage, I realized that the motor on my wings had been damaged in transit. They had also broken,” she posted on Instagram.

Ms. Thattil stated that despite the stress of the discovery, she remembered her family’s advice that “when things go wrong”, you should use your muscles of resilience and grit.

She wrote, “So, as a real queen would, I adjusted the ‘Crown’ and went out with a smile and gratitude and poise anyway.”

“That’s your reminder to remember that life can throw you curveballs big and small and that it doesn’t always turn out as you planned, what matters is how and why you respond.”

You couldn’t believe what Ms Thattil did. The Melbourne-based influencer confidently walked onto the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida with a smile.

Online praise for Ms. Thattil’s performance and candid admission of what went wrong won her a lot of praise.

Olivia Molly Rogers, former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers wrote on Instagram: “So proud of your,”

Another commented, “You would never have known, because you absolutely killed the stage,”

Maria, you looked radiant on stage! Only you could have seen the motor not working on stage before an audience. One follower said, “You showed tremendous confidence to the rest of us,”

Maria’s costume, designed by Nicola Yeung, consisted of cigarette-leg trousers and a corsette top with sequined red and white accents.

Stuart Bryce, an engineer, designed the motor that turned the top wings spinning.

The Black Swan symbolizes the unimaginable and the ability to overcome the impossible. It symbolizes the wonder and beauty of being open for CHANGE,” Ms. Thattil posted about the costume on Instagram last year.

“The Black Swan challenged generalised assumptions. I, in turn, have challenged many norms to be Miss Universe Australia. I believe in breaking down barriers and expectations for women and people of color in society.

“It is important that I embody the symbolisms of the Black Swan, because it is in keeping with the true Australian spirit to challenge moulds and be more inclusive and open for ALL.


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