Merrell and their Footwear: One confident step at a time

Merrell and their Footwear: One confident step at a time

We all know that a thousand miles start with one step. This makes the first step of a thousand miles a significant one. A positive and joyful start sets the mood for the entire trip. It is similar to how your morning routine helps you set the mood for the day. It isn’t the only thing you need to pay attention to. It is a distance of over a thousand miles, so you should know the terrain you will travel. There are many options: asphalt or cobblestone; grasslands or mountains; beaten paths or unspoiled wilds. Someone out there can help you find the right equipment to make your journey more enjoyable and safe. This is the right attitude. You can only walk barefoot for so many miles. Merrell boots are your trusted companions and can help you get through all those miles.


Before we dive into the details about Merrell footwear, let’s first pay respects to the brand’s past and tell you a little bit about it. Clark Matis and John Swiss, two Rossignol ski executives, founded Merrell in 1981. Randal Ivan Merrell was an experienced custom bootmaker who made high-quality but expensive footwear. It was initially intended to create a pair of durable, high-performance boots that were affordable. The next year, that goal was achieved, and the new boot line was mass-produced. It was the most preferred choice because Italy is the leading footwear exporter. The first batch of Merrell boots was sold in several east coast hiking gear shops in 1983. The founders were encouraged to continue because of the obvious success. Randal Merrell sold his shares in the company in 1986, but he returned to custom boots manufacturing. The company still bears his name.

Merrell Work Boots

While any job is enjoyable with boots like this, work footwear was designed to protect you from injuries that could occur while on duty. You can also protect your feet from falling objects, which can happen anywhere. Work boots must be strong and durable but not restrict your movement. Although it’s simple to put on a metal shoe, walking in them cannot be easy. Although it would be difficult to put on, the idea is that comfort and robustness should go hand-in-hand. Merell work boots excel in this combination. Many boots have waterproof membranes or leather uppers to keep out moisture. Most Merrel boots have a composite or alloy safety sole. This allows for lightweight, non-metallic protection or stronger metallic protection. The boots have a Merrell air cushion in the heel that provides shock absorption and enhanced stability.

Merrell Tactical Boots

These boots will not help you develop more complex strategies or plan your next move, but they can be reliable partners for all servicemen and women. These boots will make it difficult to find boots that can help you keep your feet on the ground better than these. The Quantum Grip or M Select rubber outsoles make it easy to maintain balance on slippery surfaces. You will find many Merrell boots that use the same technology, so you can be certain your tactical boots will have waterproof uppers and heel air cushions.

Great Outdoors does not carry a complete Merrell collection, but we feel it is appropriate to share some of the Boot lines you can find on their website. Merrell is a well-known producer of hiking boots, and we would not be remiss if we told you about them.

Merrell Hiking Boots

Merrell hiking boots have been a leader in the outdoor equipment market for decades, thanks to their meticulous craftsmanship. The boots offer a balanced combination of support, comfort, protection, and style. Merrell offers a wide range of trekking boots, including lightweight boots that keep you agile and fast and heavy-duty hiking boots that provide maximum protection and support for your feet. They all have essential features for hikers: strong traction and waterproofing; durability; ventilation; insulation (when necessary). Merrell also makes sneaker-style hiking boots, which are suitable for sandy terrains.

Merrell Water Shoes

Merrell Hydro Moc is the perfect option if you don’t want your feet to get wet. These slip-on make a great choice for those days spent on the water. Hydro Moc’s contoured arch support and articulated heels with strap for a secure fit won’t let you walk on water, but it will make sure your footing is more stable.

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