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Fjallraven is a Swedish native who hails from Ornskoldsvik. He now lives in Kelso, Scotland, where he works in our ladieswear and menswear shops. Fjallraven is committed to making nature’s benefits accessible to everyone, which is very important given the stresses of daily life. This is achieved by creating innovative solutions through outdoor clothing and equipment. They are among the most passionate brands we have ever met regarding ethical, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly production. Fjallraven’s core beliefs align with many of the values we hold dear as passionate people about the countryside and all it has to offer.

Introducing Fjallraven

How to Pronounce Fjallraven

Fjallraven is Swedish for “the artic Fox” and many people who are not fluent in the language struggle to pronounce their names correctly. It is pronounced fyah-ll-rah-ven.

History of Fjallraven

Fjallraven was founded by Ake Nordin in 1960. He developed a backpack that could comfortably hold large amounts of gear. He firmly believed that there must always be an effective solution to problems, and he significantly expanded Fjallraven’s product line between the 60s & 70s. He created some of Fjallraven’s most famous products, including the Greenland Jacket and the Expedition Down Jacket. Fjallraven has Asian production partners in China, South Korea, and South Korea today to make their clothing and gear. This is a long way away from Ake’s basement. They know that the products labelled ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in Korea’ were once referred to as ‘cheap garbage’. Therefore, they want to change that image and work with their Asian production partners to produce sustainable, high-quality, and toxic-free products. Jake Lah, the owner of the DAC factory in Seoul, stated that the manufacturers they work alongside treat their employees as family.

“If my employees are happy and healthy, we can make money.” It’s not the other way around.

Fjallraven Mission

Its primary mission is to inspire and enable everyone to enjoy the outdoors. They carefully design and create products that will last a lifetime. Fjallraven is a high-ethical brand that balances its product’s functionality and environmental impact. Fjallraven is always looking for ways to make its products as organic, recyclable or renewable as possible during their manufacturing process. Fjallraven ensures that the animal products are traceable and free from cruelty. Fjallraven doesn’t use real fur and doesn’t use any down from live ploughing.

Why Fjallraven Should Be Purchased

Many people are unsure if Fjallraven’s price is justified. We believe it is because it is an investment in your wardrobe and your future.

Quality Worth Every Penny

Fjallraven’s high price tag demonstrates its commitment to producing the best quality products ethically. Fjallraven products are durable and long-lasting.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Fjallraven’s founder was known for designing his products around the everyday challenges people face when exploring the outdoors. Every product, from the Greenland Winter Jacket to the Kanken Backpack, was designed to make nature more accessible to everyone. Fjallraven, despite his passing, still stands by its mission statement and continues to make the best outdoor clothing and equipment.

Ethical Clothing & Equipment

Fjallraven, as we mentioned earlier, is an ethical brand. Fjallraven is constantly developing and researching new products to make them organic, recyclable or renewable. Their iconic G-1000 fabric now comes in an Eco version, made of recycled polyester and cotton. All of their materials are cruelty-free. Their products are ethical and made with the highest quality outdoor clothing.

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