Lowa Boots are one of my favorite travel shoe brands.

Lowa Boots are one of my favorite travel shoe brands.

Lowa Boots was founded in Europe in 1923 and is headquartered in Germany. Many of their models of hiking boots can be seen on the alpine trails in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. They have expanded their range of quality shoes to include travel and outdoor shoes.

For eight years, I reviewed new gear every week for a website I sold. I also like to live in pedestrian-friendly places to walk everywhere I need. Over the last decade, I have worn a lot of shoes. I also take several hiking trips yearly to test out many different mountain footwear options. Lowa shoes have been on my feet many times and never failed me. This is a brand of travel gear that has never let me down.

They come in various styles, including casual street shoes and serious hikers. Gore Surround urban walkers let hot vapor escape the sole, but they are waterproof. It’s pretty cool.

Over the years, their lines have grown to suit a variety of outdoor pursuits. They have everything you need, from sandals for rock climbing to big hunting boots for ice climbers to large hunting boots for ice climbers. You can browse the men’s options online.

Below is the latest version of the Sesto Lo GTX that I have been testing. These shoes are beautiful and will be great for travel. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable right out of the box. However, they also have enough tread for light hiking once you get off the pavement. The sole is firm and holds well to rocks.

These backpacks are not ideal for long trips of 15 miles, but they will do the job for most situations you’ll face while traveling. They were even tested in snow and slush in Virginia. My feet stayed dry and comfortable because the GTX models have a Goretex membrane. There is a middle version for more stability and protection of the ankles.

The Sesto Lo GTX is available in four colors and costs $165

Although the Lowa brand is expensive in retail prices, there are some excellent reasons.

This means there is no need for sweatshop labor in Asia and no wasteful manufacturing that pollutes the environment or shoddy artistry. (See more details here.) The price tag reflects that they don’t make any compromises. You can still get them for as low as $122 . I bought the Sesto at Moosejaw. You can try the shoes at Moosejaw if you need help finding the right fit. These shoes are made for Europeans who have thinner feet and broader waists. You should be able to wear a pair of Nike sneakers without any problems. If you are still looking for a size you like at Oboz or New Balance, you should visit a brick-and-mortar store before buying.

You’ll find the Lowa pair that you love, and you will be happy for a long time. They are durable and can withstand any weather.

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