Kuitpo forest camping

Kuitpo forest camping

Kuitpo forest camping

Kuitpo (pronounced Kypo) Forest is the nearest camping spot to Adelaide.

It is located in the South Mount Lofty Ranges, about 45 minutes from Adelaide. The small town of Meadows is just a short drive away. You can either take the Main South Road to Adelaide, then take Clarendon and Meadows or the South Eastern Freeway towards Hahndorf and then take Echunga and Meadows.

Camping is not allowed between April and November.

Chookarloo is the best area to camp in the Forest, followed by Rocky Creek.

Camping sites

This large camping area is located among the pines and gum trees. It has marked sites. Bookings must be made in advance via the website.

These sites are varied in size, and some are more private than others.

Because it is so close to Adelaide, this campsite can be very busy. So plan.

There are many trees, so shade is great. Some trees also provide screening.

Chookarloo is right next to a country road that gets a lot of traffic. Therefore, the road noise is always with us. Some campsites are located on the road that runs inside the campground. This means you might get some passing traffic in the campground (apart from the noise from main road).

There are no powered sites available, but camper and caravan trailers can find a level, suitable spot.


Many campsites offer a fire pit and benches for picnicking. Campfires can only be used in designated pits. Collecting firewood for your campfire is not a problem. There are so many wood pieces around that it is legal to gather them (no cutting down).

Campfires may not be lit between May and October.

Gas barbecues are not allowed between April and November.

The only pit toilet available for the entire area was very poor. It is not recommended to use. There is plenty of space for picnickers, but everyone must use the 1 toilet. This is a terrible situation when it comes to toileting. If you have weak stomachs, a chemical toilet is highly recommended. Many campsites are quite far from sad toilets (e.g. The closest campsite is approximately 445m away

There is no water, except for the water tank which I didn’t see. However, I strongly recommend that you bring your own water.

All dogs allowed with a leash.


This area offers many activities. Mountain biking is a popular activity for all ages, and there are shared trails for walkers, cyclists, and horse riders. Horse riding is another popular activity, though permits are required.

All the trails are easy for children to ride bikes, so we encourage you to take the bikes with you!

You can find many walks around this area, including The Heysen Trail.

One part of the Forest is dotted with a little creek, lots of tadpoles and a large red-bellied snake. !

Picnic area (pictured) is a large grassed area that is close to the creek. This area also has fire pits.


This is a great place to camp for a one-night stay. It is also close to Adelaide, which is a plus. There are many sites that are not caravan parks.

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