Introducing: Haglofs

Introducing: Haglofs

Haglofs, a Swedish brand specializing in technical clothing and equipment for outdoor enthusiasts, is known for its high-quality products. Haglofs is a Swedish outdoor brand whose roots are in the Swedish countryside. It aims to inspire you to get out into the great outdoors and provide durable, functional products that withstand the most severe conditions.

What’s the history of Haglofs?

Haglofs was born in humble circumstances 100 years ago on the banks of Lake Runn (Torsang), Sweden. Wiktor Haglof designed his first rucksack in a small wooden cabin on his family farm. This was to make it easier for rural workers to transport their tools between places after a hard day at work. The first Haglofs bags were a huge success. They were handcrafted with rugged construction and made from the most robust materials. Within ten years, the low-scale production process at his cabin was replaced by the Haglofs factory. The Haglofs company had 20 employees in its new Tylla plant. It was expanding rapidly, and Wiktor Haglof knew what they needed. The brand quickly became one of Sweden’s most loved outdoor brands. It provided durable gear, including gas masks or gaiters, to military forces during the Second World War.

Wiktor Haglof sold his business to Hans and Rolf Haglof in 1955. They were instructed to carry on Haglof’s mission of creating the best goods for outdoor living and working people. As Haglofs expanded throughout Sweden and abroad, the brothers worked hard to preserve the quality of Haglofs’ products. Haglofs was the most recognized outdoor brand in Sweden by 1975. It had evolved from a family-owned company to a major industrial player in technical outdoor gear. The Haglofs brand will be developed over the next 40 years, and iconic Haglofs pieces will be added to its offerings. In 1985, the Climber backpack was created. To Go, a new line of sturdy hiking boots, was added in 1995. The brand’s clothing has been the focus of its catalog since then, with product concepts like Climatic and Less Is More. However, the Haglofs brand has thrived because of Wiktor Haglof’s creativity, focus on durable materials and long-lasting design, and passion for creating functional pieces useful for outdoor explorers.

What makes Haglofs different?

The Hut admires Haglofs’ creative spirit, passion for the outdoors, and eco-conscious design approach. Haglofs was founded on the principles of creativity and adapting the design. This is still true today. Every collection surprises us with new products and innovative takes on classic Haglofs pieces. The Haglofs brand’s enduring quality is evident in the very first steps you take with your Haglofs product. Haglofs understands the outdoors and people who go out there, so each product reflects the manufacturer’s knowledge. Haglofs has been addressing sustainability issues and responsible products for over a decade. This is a growing concern that is especially important to outdoor enthusiasts and the rest of the world. Haglofs ensures that responsibility and sustainability are at the heart of its manufacturing process. In 2014, a new Director for Sustainability was hired to help develop Haglofs’ sustainable program. The brand was also named Scandinavian Sustainability Brands of the Year that year.

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