Although your beard might be magnificent, it will look unnatural if it isn’t neat. It’s easy to trim your neckbeard. It is all about finding the perfect line and trimming your hedges. A longer beard can have more depth and fullness if it has some hair around the neck. However, regular maintenance is still important. Our guide will show you how to perfect your neckbeard.

What is a Neck Beard?

The neckbeard is the hair that grows around the neck and throat of a bearded man. Because of different growth directions, it can grow more quickly than other areas and is often patchier and less neat. It can look untidy and unkempt if you don’t take care of it. If you are growing your beard, trimming your neck can be a great way to shape the rest of the beard.

How to Shave a Neck Beard

Getting Started

It is similar to trimming your other beard parts. A comb, a razor or trimmer, and two mirrors (one fixed, one handheld) are all you will need. You should trim your beard at least once per month if you grow it. You may also need to trim your beard more frequently if it’s short.

The Neckline should be defined.

To trim your neckbeard, the first step is determining what hair you want to keep and what you should cut. You will need to draw a line from your ear lobes to the bottom of the head. The line should be roughly where your head meets your neck. It should be about one inch above your Adam’s Apple. Anything below that line should be discarded. You can use your razor or trimmer to make a neat edge. Remember that if your neckbeard is longer, it may be necessary for this line to be lower at the beard’s bottom edge. This will increase the depth and fullness of your beard. To keep your look clean and neat, trim any hair below your lower beard.

Lose weight

Next, you need to eliminate any excess weight below your chin. You should be able to identify your fastest-growing areas if you are in tune with your facial hair. The most common area for rapid growth is under the chin. Grab your trimmer and take out any bulky hair tufts. If your chin is raised and the hair runs straight from neck to chin, you will know that you did it correctly.

Form the sides and cheeks

After trimming your neckbeard, it’s time to tidy up the rest of your edges. Your jawline, which is located near your ear, can be just as fast-growing as your under the chin. Use your trimmer to shape your side edges. Trim the line from your back with your sideburns down to your beard. This will create a strong line. Depending on your facial shape, you can either leave the bottom edge flat or round. The next thing to consider is your cheek lines. There will be a wide range of cheekiness depending on the person and how they are done. It is easiest to follow your natural growth line, then use your trimmer for a tidy edge. Depending on your experience and goals, you can experiment with different line-ups.

Fine-tune the shape

The final step is to improve the overall shape of your mustache. You’ll need to search for long patches and trim them to the same height as the rest. These patches are often found around your sides. To trim your mustache, trim the top of your upper lips. Once you are satisfied with your overall appearance, apply some beard oil and hair balm to moisturize the skin and give it a finishing touch.

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