Fringe to flares: Trends for summer 2022, according to Clearpay

Fringe to flares: Trends for summer 2022, according to Clearpay

With summer swiftly approaching, trends for the warmer months ahead are beginning to make themselves known, with the ongoing Y2K obsession remaining prominent and the return of festival season fashion almost upon us. Trends for the warmer months are becoming more apparent as summer rapidly approaches. There is still a lot to be obsessed about Y2K, but festival season fashion is also returned.

Based on the UK consumer, the ‘buy now, pay later (BNPL) payment provider Clearpay has compiled real-time customer purchase and brand data to identify the most important trends for its 2022 Global Spring-Summer Trend Report, looking particularly at the purchase habits of its mostly millennial and Gen Z user base. Cleary, a UK-based payment provider, has collected real-time customer data to determine the most important trends in its 2022 Global Spring-Summer Trend Report. This report focuses on the purchasing habits of its largely millennial and Gen Z users.

Many of the trends are concerning the general customer mood following the lifting of pandemic restrictions, suggesting the coming summer is likely to be filled with events and celebrations. Many trends mentioned are related to the general customer mood after the lifting of pandemic restriction, which suggests that the coming summer will be full of celebrations and events. The report put a distinct emphasis on the wedding season, linking the 178 per cent year-on-year (YoY) rise of midi dress purchases to the spike in soon-to-be marriages. The report emphasized the wedding season and linked the 178 per cent increase in midi dresses year-on-year to the rise in soon-to-be marriages.

FashionUnited has summarised the most significant elements of the report, detailing everything from clean beauty trends to the season’s colour, pink.FashionUnited summarized the most important elements of the report and listed everything, from beauty trends to the season’s colour, pink.

Fashion: fringe to flare|Fashion: From fringe to flare

Following months of being cooped up indoors, Clearpay suggested that many of fashion’s trends for these seasons will be based upon the desire to expand out of one’s bubble. Cleary stated that fashion’s new trends would come from the desire to escape one’s bubble after months of being indoors. Sexy silhouettes, like lingerie and form-fitting cuts, are likely to make their way into the limelight and will contrast with modernized workwear, consisting of a clash between loungewear and streetwear as a new form of office attire. Form-fitting and sexy silhouettes like lingerie will be in the spotlight. They will contrast with modernized workwear that combines loungewear with streetwear to create a new type of office attire.

Similarly, Clearpay emphasized an updated version of the prominent dopamine dressing trend, serotonin dressing, which will see customers opt for confidence-boosting clothing and quirky prints. Cleary also highlighted a new version of dopamine dressing, known as serotonin dressing. Customers will choose confidence-boosting clothing and unusual prints.

The report also noted that while Y2K is still reigning supreme as one of the most popular style decades, there has been a rise in other nostalgia-based trends closely linked to the 60s and 70s fashion eras. The report noted that Y2K remains the most popular decade in fashion, but other nostalgic-based trends have been. These are closely tied to the 60s and 70s fashion eras. According to Clearpay’s data, sales for floral prints have risen by 23 per cent, and there has also been an uptick in searches for fringe clothing, clogs and wide-leg denim, all of which are playing on the retro fashion period. Cleary data shows that floral print sales have increased by 23 per cent and that there has been an increase in searches for fringe clothing and clogs and wide-legged denim. All of these trends are based on retro fashion.

Accessories: Y2K and chunky chains

The return of the much-anticipated festival season will greatly influence purchases over the coming months, with Clearpay specifically zoning in on festival essentials and bold accessories, such as bucket hats. Cleary will be heavily influenced by the return of the festival season. Cleary focuses on festival essentials, bold accessories and festival essentials like bucket hats. In contrast, embellished handbags and chunky chains are also seeing a spike in popularity, mirroring Y2K’s pop-punk trends.Y2K’s revival of pop-punk trends is also reflected in the popularity of embellished handbags, chunky chains, and embossed handbags.} {This varies to the other side of the era’s accessory spectrum, which has seen a push in the 90s ‘it’ bag, the baguette handbag.| The popularity of the baguette bag is also influencing the opposite side of the accessory spectrum, the 90s ‘it bag’ handbag.} {Often paired with lowrise jeans and crop tops, the bag has become a staple for 2022 and once again exhibits Gen Z’s fascination with fashion’s past. The bag is often paired with crop tops and lowrise jeans. It has been a staple in 2022, proving Gen Z’s fascination for fashion’s past.

Beauty: clean, educated care|Beauty: Clean, educated beauty care

Unlike its fashion themes, much of the report’s beauty trends focus on paired back, minimal Beauty, often crediting viral TikTok videos for the rise in popularity. The report’s beauty trends are not based on fashion themes. They focus more on simple, paired-back Beauty. Many TikTok videos have been credited for their popularity.} {A specific case revolved around the ‘clean girl look’, mirroring the ‘no makeup, makeup’ technique that consists of lightweight foundation and a dewy finish. One case was about the “clean girl look”, which mirrors the “no makeup, no makeup” technique. It consists of a light foundation and a dewy finishing. An additional clean beauty trend centres around education on scalp care, with many Clearpay shoppers’ particular interest in scalp tools, like masks and exfoliating treatments. Cleary customers are also interested in scalp care education. Many Clearpay customers special interest in scalp tools like exfoliating and masks.

In contrast, another highlighted trend that has gained traction among the Gen Z and millennial shoppers is glitter eyeshadow, an offset of HBO’s Euphoria series.|Another trend that is gaining popularity among Gen Z and millennials is glitter eyeshadow. This is an offset to HBO’s Euphoria series. The look consists of messy eye makeup and face gems, similar to those of the characters on the popular tv show. This look is similar to the one worn by popular television show stars and includes messy eye makeup and gems on the face.

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