Family Camping – How to Choose Your Tent

Family Camping – How to Choose Your Tent

We are the pioneers in inflatable tent technology, and we know you will find the ideal AirBeam tent from our Vango collection. Inflatable tents can be pitched quickly and easily, allowing maximum relaxation while enjoying the outdoors. This invention is a great way to make camping with children easy and stress-free.

Family Poled Tents

Do you prefer traditional pole tents for camping trips? These tents are made with PowerFlex Fibreglass poles. They have been designed to increase strength, reduce weight, and provide excellent reliability on camping trips. All Vango poled family tents have pre-angled bars that make them easier to erect and prevent breaks.


If you have a lot of luggage, it is best to choose a tent that is one size larger. This will allow you to store more camping gear in your bedroom pods, such as camp beds, air beds, and other essentials.

Vango AirBeam, Poled Family tents can accommodate from 4 to 8 people. The left menu in the tent section allows you to filter by size.


Built-in Sun Canopy/Extension

A sun canopy or built-in extension to your tent can offer many benefits, including protecting your front door from the elements and providing additional storage space for your bikes.

Dual Entry

This is an excellent option for large families who want to use two doors to get in and out of their tents.

King Sized Bedrooms

King-sized bedrooms are the best option for those who want more luxury and a home-from-home feeling when camping. You can fit a camp or large air mattress into your bedroom pod for extra comfort and a better night’s rest.


Our Poled and AirBeam family tents are natural, bright green perfect for camping. The Nutmeg collection is for you if you prefer a neutral color and a luxurious feel.

Panoramic View

Large Vista Front windows allow you to take in the views from your tent while still being comfortable inside. Curtains can be opened and closed to provide privacy and reduce draughts.

Vango AirZone

This is achieved by combining high and low ventilation panels to create comfortable airflow throughout the tent.


When camping, it is crucial to take into account the weight and size of your tent. To find the best family tent for your needs, enter your desired weight in the menu on the left.


Vango groundsheets can withstand the elements of camping and will keep your tent comfortable and clean. Vango family tents come with sewn-in groundsheets. This help to keep bugs out of your tent and eliminate draughts. The linked-in groundsheets can be removed and reattached as needed.

Bedroom Dividers

Vango tents come with inner dividers that allow for privacy after a day spent in the great outdoors. Vango tents come with toggled walls that can be attached or detached as you wish. Our zipped bedroom partitions provide the same benefits but have no gaps between the pods.

Storage Pelmets

Vango tents’ pelmet feature allows you to organize your equipment, keeping your living space clean and tidy.

Cable Entry

This zipped entry port with Velcro tidies allows you to run a cable from the lantern points to your other electrical devices on family camping trips.

Lantern Hanging points

These loops can be placed throughout your tent to attach lights and lanterns, brightening the tent at night.



We recommend purchasing your tent and awning together to ensure the best fit. Vango tents continue to be improved and developed. We cannot guarantee that we will have a roof to suit your tent for the next season.


Vango footprints can protect your tent’s groundsheet from the elements by being added to your camping gear. Vango footprints are lightweight and robust so you can add them to your kit.


Vango carpets add warmth and comfort to your tent. Vango-fitted mats can be placed in any size or style of tent. There are also universal carpets that can be fitted to various Vango tents. They add luxury to any size or type of tent.

All the options for Vango tents are available here.

All of our tents and camping gear meet the highest standards. They are designed with intelligence and tested under adverse conditions to ensure maximum performance. Our family tent ranges in various offer styles to meet all needs.

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