Cradle mountain hike

Cradle mountain hike

Cradle mountain hike

Cradle Mountain is one of the most beautiful places in Tasmania. The national park offers a variety of walks, from short day hikes with beautiful views to long overland treks lasting 6 days. It is full of beauty wherever you turn.

The Cradle Mountain summit hike should be on your Tasmania bucket list if you are up for the challenge. You will find some of the most famous locations in Cradle Mountain, including Hansons Peak, Marion’s Lookout and the Dove Lake Boatshed, on the 11km circuit trail.

Only adventure seekers looking for a challenge should attempt the difficult climb. The views of rolling hills and craggy peaks make it worth it.


  • Distance: 11km
  • Duration 8 Hours
  • Route style: Circuit
  • Difficulty: 5/5
  • Highlights: Hanson’s Peak (1100m), Cradle Mountain Summit (1 555m), Marion’s Lookout (200), Dove Lake Boatshed


The Cradle Mountain summit track will not be for the faint of heart. These trails are steep and rough. The uphill sections can cause knee pain, especially if you walk for more than 8 hours.

The walk begins at Dove Lake and continues up to Hanson’s Peak. You’ll see the Twisted Lakes from the air and Hanson’s Lake from your left. To your right, you will have panoramic views overlooking Dove Lake, with the Cradle Mountains in the background.

Continue on the Face Track until you reach Kitchen Hut, where all trails leading to Cradle Mountain’s summit intersect. Here is where it all begins!

You’ll reach the summit of Cradle Mountain and then return to Kitchen Hut. You’ll continue on the Overland Track towards Crater Lakes or Marion’s Lookout.

You’ll then follow the trail to the Dove Lake Boatshed, where you can take a refreshing swim in the lake.


Cradle Mountain’s summit stands tall at 1 454m and offers breath-taking views of rolling hills, picturesque lakes, and distant peaks.

Allow yourself 30 minutes to take in the area’s beauty, then grab a bite and head back.


Cradle Mountain’s summit hike is not recommended for novice hikers.

It takes between 2 and 3 hours to climb from Kitchen Hut to the summit. You will need to climb on all fours and pull yourself over boulders twice your size. It’s only a small section, but it covers about 80%.

I consider myself fit and athletic and enjoyed the challenge and thrill of the summit section. It was a challenge for my legs and arms, however.


It was amazing to see 7-year-olds rock hopping and climbing Cradle Mountain. They looked strong and had done plenty of hiking before they made it to the top.

A family of six, including four children under 4, tried to climb the summit. They didn’t succeed. The youngest was just a few months!

Cradle Mountain is not recommended for families with more than two children. You can’t have anyone or anything attached to your back and front because of the type of climbing you’ll be doing.

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