Not everyone can have a full head of hair. There are many styles available that allow you to enjoy the masculine look and style of a beard without growing it out. One of these options is the chin strap beard. This beard has a long history dating back to the 18th century. It has evolved over the years. This beard is versatile and can be worn in many different styles.

Patchy Chin Strap

Even if you have uneven facial hair growth, a chin strap can be worn. A patchy chin strap can benefit from having a little more hair on the neck to give the illusion of fullness. Because it is a short beard, the hair thickness doesn’t matter as much. Keep your hair neat so that you don’t appear messy.

Chin Strap Beard With Goatee

For a more rounded look, combine your chin strap and a goatee. A chin strap can be an anchor to a goatee, giving definition and shape to your face. It can be combined with any goatee design, including the elegant Van Dyke or the classic full-length goatee. Balance your goatee’s thickness with your chin strap for a consistent look. This combination can be worn with many different hairstyles and clothes.

Isolated Chin Strap

This beard style is very traditional and features an isolated chin strap. The beard has clean-shaven cheeks and upper lip. The hair runs from the jawline to the sideburns. This simple style is great for men with oval, square, round or diamond faces.

Subtle Chin Strap

You don’t have to stick with the stricken styling of other chin strap beards. Instead, choose something subtler. A subtle chin strap will keep the bulk of your hair at your jawline, but it doesn’t care about making sure that the lines are straight and have sharp edges. This look is more natural and can be shaved less often. This look can be achieved with a little stubble or longer hair. You should tidy up your hair with a trimmer now and again.

Beardstache and Chin Strap

Beardstache refers to a mustache that is longer than your hair. This makes your facial hair the focal point of your beard. It’s a great choice to pair with a neck strap beard. The disconnect lets the stache speak for itself. The chin strap will frame and accentuate your jawline, while the neckband will keep it in place. You will look McSteamy fast with this combination.

Thin Chin Strap Beard

Another traditional way to wear a chin strap beard is the thin chin strap. This style is ideal for creating a strong jawline. This style is easy to pull off, but it’s important to get your lines straightened and keep the edges clean. Although you may need to go to the barber to get your first styling cut, it should be possible to maintain it yourself if your hand is steady.

Classic Strap Beard Without a Mustache

A classic chin strap style is best for those with clean-shaven necks and cheeks. The classic strap works well for men with oval, square, rectangular, or diamond faces, just like the chin strap. The classic strap can be used to balance your jawline or add balance. It is important to keep it in good condition with regular maintenance. However, you can choose how sharp the edges are. You can use natural edges that taper or precise lines as sharp and funny as your humor.

The Defined Chin Strap Beard

A well-defined chin strap mustache will keep you looking sharp. If you have well-groomed facial hair, this beard style will work best. This look can be contrasted with a traditional hairstyle or something edgier like a faux-hawk. You can also compliment this look with a longer, more natural hairstyle. You’ll still want to look neat by sprucing up your neckline and cheeks.

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