Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Review

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Review

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro Intro

Adidas developed the Adizero Pro, but they knew it wouldn’t be the answer to the Nike Air Vaporfly Next%. So they started secretly working on the Adios Pro.

The Adizero Pro was the first shoe I saw. I knew it couldn’t compete with other super shoes in the marathon distance.

It was so soft that I had to run in it.

The Carbide plate didn’t provide enough propulsion. Boost felt dated and heavy, and Lightstrike felt unresponsive/firm.

Adidas’ secret super shoe, Adios Pro, was announced at the same time the Adizero Pro was launched. This is the same stunt Brooks pulled when the Hyperion Elite launched, and they showed the Hyperion Elite 2 that day.

Adidas Adios ruled supreme before the explosion of super shoes.

It was a great running shoe with a flat feel and extra cushioning for marathons. The Adios set many records.

However, the Adios may not be for everyone. It’s like a precise surgical tool with a specific purpose. However, you must know how to use it. This tool is more suitable for elite athletes with strong ankles and a textbook physique.

Although it’s a racing shoe, I don’t know why the Adios Pro is part of the Adios Family.

The stack height is 39mm at the heel, just below the maximum of 40mm permitted for competition. This is the first Adidas shoe to use Lightstrike Pro foam or Energyrods.

The most innovative Adidas performance running shoe in years.

It is highly sought after because it is so unique and mysterious. Only a handful of countries have seen the Adios Pro launched.

Lucky me, I was able to order the pair from the US and have it shipped to Singapore as it has not yet been released in Asia.

The Adios Pro is one of the most sought-after running shoes. Ironically, there is plenty of Adizero Pro stock that nobody needs.

Adidas now has a worthy rival to compete with the Vaporfly/Alphafly twins. How does the innovative technology perform?

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro First Impressions

The Adios Pro shoe is not very attractive. Although it reminds me of the shoes the Spice Girls wore, Adidas has done a wonderful job making it modern and wearable.

The gorgeous “Dream Mile”, pink-and-blue colorway in which mine arrived is a huge fan. It is unrivaled.

Adidas called it the “Dream Mile” as they believe that athletes need two “selves”, or approaches to training to be able to run their fastest mile.

The pink color represents passion and power. While the blue hue is calm and resilient, representing focus and calm.

The Adios Pro felt heavy for a race shoe when I first opened the box. It was stiff as a block when I tried to bend the midsole.

The Adios Pro was so comfortable that I had to try it on for the first. It was similar to the cushioning and softness of a Hoka training shoe, like the Clifton and Bondi, but with a long, lighter weight.

The Adios Pro reminded me of another shoe, and it’s not even super shoes. It was the Asics GloRide.

The shoes feature thick midsoles and a high toe spring, which creates a powerful forward tipping sensation. The Adios Pro is, of course, lighter and more comfortable than the GlideRide.

During that first run, I felt some discomfort under my left foot. Fortunately, it disappeared and did not return during my shoe testing. My foot was not used to the stiff midsole.

The Adios Pro’s deep cushioning was the highlight of my first run. The Adios Pro is the best carbon fiber racing shoe in cushioning, except for the FuelCellTC.

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