Top 10 Men’s Sandals

Top 10 Men’s Sandals

These timeless, handmade designs are a must-have in every man’s closet. Here are a few bestselling styles we have chosen to highlight today. Continue reading to discover more about some of Jerusalem Sandals’ most popular styles for men.

#1 The Good Shepherd

The Good Shepherd is a top-rated style on Jerusalem Sandals, and it’s a bestselling design for men and women. The Good Shepherd is a must-have for men and comes in brown, tan, and black leather.

#2: The Original

This is the original where we started our sandal journey. The classic, timeless sandal design for men couldn’t be more comfortable. The adjustable upper and ankle strap keep your shoes safe and customized fit. The easy-breezy style is comfortable and can be worn for casual Fridays at work or with children. You can choose from either black or brown leather for the Original.

#3: Aviv

Are you looking for a stylish sandal with a sleek silhouette? The Aviv men’s sandal is a classic choice. It has timeless styling and clean lines. The flexible, lightweight style has two simple, wide upper straps made of vegetable-tanned leather. They soften with each wear. Aviv comes in various colours, including white, black and blue, as well as brown, brown, and tan.

#4: David

Are you looking for a unique sandal? The David sandal has it all. The sandal features a unique upper with slip-knotted accents at the sides and top. These accents are placed between the toes in a flip-flop style. The popular toe loop provides additional security and comfort. David is available in grey, black, and brown.

#5 – Barak

Barak is one of our most popular closed-toe styles for men. Barak is the perfect sandal for men who need a sturdy sandal that covers their toes. It also has a fully adjustable ankle strap. This sandal is as comfortable and secure in the wild as in the office. You can order Barak in either brown or black leather.

#6 – Amos

You can’t choose between a men’s sandal with an ankle strap, wide-strap upper, or toe loop. Amos should be your go-to. The adjustable heel strap allows for a custom fit. This sandal is a striking choice for everyday wear. It features a wide strap and a combination of X-style straps. You can choose from honey leather, brown leather, or black leather.

#7 Jaffa

Jaffa flip-flop style is classic and easy to wear during summer. Choose from honey leather, brown, or black colours. Jaffa is a timeless and classic version of your childhood flip-flop sandals. This sandal is made with vegetable-tanned leather and is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable.

#8 Bashan

Our Bashan slides offer easy comfort for warm summer days. The easy-to-use slide has a wide instep strap and cutouts at the sides. Bashan can be ordered in brown or black leather.

#9: Elan

Elan is a modern take on the slide. It features a wide X-style cross upper that hugs your foot. Elan is timeless, clean-cut and has a simple style. These sandals for men are available in black, brown, or tan leather.

#10 – Jared

Jared makes it easy to have an adjustable ankle strap that provides security and comfort. These sandals have a Velcro-style ankle band that adjusts to your comfort and fits you perfectly. They are also easy to wear without a buckle! You can choose between brown and black leather.

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