The Top 5 Reasons Gift cards are better than cash.

The Top 5 Reasons Gift cards are better than cash.

Are Gift Cards Better Than Cash?

Gift cards are a rage right now. At least in India. It was the second most requested gift in the United States in 2006. There is no better gift than a gift card. More and more companies are opting to offer them. Some websites allow you to earn gift cards for free online. Gift cards can be purchased online through e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Gone are the days of giving cash as gifts. We know you love it and so do your family members. Gift cards are more appealing than cash, as gifts can be ordered online. Most people won’t pay cash for these orders, even if they have lucrative deals for online payments. Gift cards allow you to give your loved one the option of buying a gift from their favourite brand.

Here are five reasons gift cards are better than cash:

Get More Discounts

Gift cards increase your chances of getting a better deal. You may be wondering how? Consider this. Amazon gift cards are with you. Let’s assume that your Amazon gift card was worth Rs. 500. That’s enough. Let’s pretend you can find your favourite earphones during the Amazon Republic Day Sale. It’s a win-win situation! It is available at a discount rate of approximately Rs. 800 off the original price of Rs.1300, and you get your Amazon gift cards free. The fancy earphones that normally cost Rs.1300 ended up being Rs.1000 cheaper. What a great deal! This deal is not only for Amazon. You can also pair it with Flipkart or KFC, Myntra, and any other gift card you may have. This offer is valid even if you purchase gift cards online.

Much more personal

Admit it. It’s a common trait that we all prefer personalized gifts over generic ones. A thoughtful gift shows you care and that you are not just giving a generic gift. You can give a gift card to anyone for anything. It could be KFC gift cards or free steam gift cards. Gift cards can be used for food or video games. Your gift cards can be personalized with a personal message or graphically appealing images. You can personalize any gift card with your own words or images to express how much you care. My friend gifted me an iTunes gift certificate with a Pink Floyd template.

Many More Memorable

When was the last time someone gave you cash for a birthday or a wedding? If it’s a gift card, then you most likely do. The gift card is more memorable than cash, but let’s face the facts. It is personal, and you can use it for anything you wish. Most of the time, the cash we get is used for trivial purposes. My relatives gave me cash last Diwali, and I used it to pay my electricity bill. You can also get them to recognize your efforts (Hah! Procrastination? You will be able to smile every time you use this gift card. It can be kept safe as a trophy for the future. It will make your chest grow with pride every time you see it.

Benefits for Guilt-Free Spending

Shopping is fun! Sometimes, you want that amazon trimmer or power bank, but it is too costly. The amazon gift card you received for free can help you save as much as Rs. 1000. Gift cards are a great way to feel good about buying gifts for yourself. Go ahead, pamper yourself. You can get exactly what you want and need without having to rethink your investment. It’s impossible to cash a gift card, so why not make it useful? Amazon, Flipkart and Jabong gift cards are available for Myntra, Google and Flipkart. These gift cards are very popular. You can help your friend buy something, and you’ll keep your conscience clean.

Incentive Programs

Fear and failure are not what motivate people. A reward is the bright hope of a reward. A gift card is the best way to motivate someone. It is a memorable gift that will last a lifetime and can also help boost your work performance. Organizations can use gift cards as an incentive and a way to show off. Both cash bonuses and gift cards highlight the performance of employees. However, an employee can also use a gift certificate to purchase something more meaningful than a lump of money that would have paid their bills. It is discreet and professional, not to mention.

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