Your face shape is a key factor when choosing a new haircut. You can have the most beautiful haircut, but it won’t fit your face. Instead of following the latest trends, choose a style that fits your face shape. No matter what shape your face is, it doesn’t matter if you have a square, rectangular, oval, square or circle. The right cut will frame your face and highlight your best features to create a flattering, complementary look. Interested? We have the answer.

What is my Face Shape?

Before choosing the best hairstyle for you, it is important to know your face shape. Take a picture of yourself with your hair down and face the camera. Next, trace the outline of your face around the outside to see what shape it resembles. To find the proportions, you could also measure your face by measuring the widths of the brow, cheekbones, jawline and length of your face (from forehead to chin). You should be able to see the best shape for you. If your face measures the same width and length, it is likely to be square or round. It could be a triangle if your face is wider at the jawline than the forehead.

Face shapes

Rectangle Faces: Haircuts

Rectangular faces should soften their forehead and jaw to reduce the appearance of their stubby jaws. For example, a softly layered cut can highlight the cheekbones and hide the corners. It would be best if you avoided excessively long hairstyles, as they can make your face look longer. You can style your hair with curls, waves, or a blowout if you want to go long. This will soften your sharp angles and add volume. For updos, opt for soft, romantic chignons instead of high buns. This will give your jaw a stronger look and add length. For bangs, prefer soft, rounded fringes or curtain bangs to square-cut styles.

Oval Face Haircuts

Oval faces are a lucky thing. Oval faces are well-suited to many hairstyles because of their balanced appearance. If you want a style that has impact, you can choose between long hair or a short, cute cut. A blunt bob or lob haircut with subtle layers is a great choice for oval-faced women. To keep your hair from falling, you can style your hair with curls or waves if you prefer long hair. To help you choose the right hairstyle, you can use your natural hair section.

Square Faces: Haircuts

Square-shaped faces have a wide forehead, broad cheekbones and strong jawline. For a more flattering appearance, choose a cut that softens the features of a square-shaped face. Side-parted styles will complement your bone structure and create a flattering look. A flattering look can be achieved by adding light and airy layers. This will hide the sharp angles on your face. A layered, short bob is a good option if you prefer a shorter bob. Side-swept bangs will draw attention to your cheekbones rather than your jawline.

Haircuts for Heart Faces

A heart-shaped face will have a wide forehead, cheekbones and narrow jawline. It would be best if you balance your face shape by cutting your eyebrows wider and increasing the width of your lower half. A long, side-swept cut can hide a portion of your forehead and draw your eyes down to your bottom. This cut can be paired with curls or waves that start below the ear to balance your angled jaw. A side-parted pixie with textured ends or a bob haircut will look great on a heart-shaped face.

For Diamond Faces, Haircuts

Diamond is an angular shape with a narrow forehead, jawline and cheekbones at its widest point. Ladies with diamond-shaped faces should soften their angles and balance out their cheekbones to achieve a flattering appearance. A medium or long-layered cut with tousled waves and a side part will give you a soft appearance. A chin-length haircut will be the best if you want to increase the width of your jaw. A pulled-back ponytail will highlight your cheekbones and increase the size of your forehead.

Round Face Haircuts

Round faces are typical of the same length and width as their counterparts with prominent, rounded cheeks. For round-faced women, hairstyles that give definition and shape are the best. Long layered hairstyles and choppy pixie styles are the best. Long, staggered layers should start at the jawline if you opt for a long, layered cut. To lengthen your face, you may want to add a side fringe that ends at the eye. Avoid bobs and short layers. They can make your face look slack and can cause swelling. Full curls can enhance roundness.

Triangle Face Shape Haircuts

A triangle face shape is defined by a strong jawline, more prominent than the forehead, and a square or flat chin. For ladies with triangle faces, it is important to choose a style that balances the jawline and minimizes the appearance of the lower half. Layers will soften your features so that you might consider a cut with layers. Be sure to check that the layers are finished around your eyes, cheekbones, collarbone and neck. Any that ends at the chin will draw focus to your jaw. Avoid straight bobs that emphasize your jaw. A choppy pixie cut is a better choice if you prefer a shorter haircut. Short bangs are best if they’re side-swept or light, wispy cuts. Long bangs and side bangs are better.

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