The best ski and snowboard jackets available for women are from Eider, North Face, and the sale ski jackets.

The best ski and snowboard jackets available for women are from Eider, North Face, and the sale ski jackets.

It might be time for you to review your snow gear if you plan on going to the slopes sometime between now and April.No matter if you are skiing or snowboarding – the jacket you choose is crucial.

Jacket Types

The most important step in buying the best ski jacket is to choose the right material. There are many options available, so consider the type of skiing you will be doing.

  • Softshell Jackets: Softshell jackets can be worn breathable or in water-resistant coatings. They are also very versatile and suitable for a variety of other sports than skiing.
  • Hardshell These jackets, unlike the softshells, are not insulated and less breathable than the softshells. However, they are wind- and water-resistant and great for high-altitude skiing and snowfall. A mid-thermal layer is the best way to compensate for the lack of insulation.
  • Insulated Jackets If you are cold or going to a place with very Baltic temperatures, an insulated jacket is the best choice. These jackets typically include a hardshell shell and an insulated liner (think Primaloft or down). They offer the best of both worlds.

It is more than an aesthetic decision to choose between a loose- or tight-fitting jacket. Different skiers prefer different fits, so think carefully before you decide on the right fit.

  • Slim The most flattering jackets, and the current trend towards them, are slimmer. These jackets are great if you like to carve. They’ll let you be more streamlined.
  • Regular: The Goldilocks jacket, the regular jacket is just right. It’s not too tight or too loose. This jacket is suitable for almost all boarders and skiers and allows you to layer under it if necessary.
  • Loose: A loose-fitting jacket is the best choice for snowboarders and freestyle skiers, as it allows for the most movement.

Extra features

Now that you have decided on the material and fit, you can now choose the features you will find most useful.

  • Wrist gaiters –Wrist Gaiters with thumbholes are especially useful for those with cold hands. They can also be used to put on gloves as they won’t cause an annoying in-sleeve ride.
  • Taped seams: This term means that the jacket’s seams have been taped over to make them more waterproof and less likely for draughts to enter. These are not required for all jackets, but they should be if you want something high quality and cost-effective.
  • Hood: Hoods are not necessary anymore, and you should always wear a helmet. However, they may be used for aesthetic purposes. Make sure your helmet is compatible with the helmet or that it can be removed if not.
  • Snow skirt The elasticated attached ‘belt” inside a jacket can be especially useful for new skiers (as they are likely to fall over more frequently) and will help prevent snow down your back. You can remove some of them if you intend to wear the jacket outside.

Eider Women’s Cole Valley Faux Fur Ski Jacket

Eider is a well-respected luxury skiwear brand consistently delivering style, comfort, and durability. The medium-fitting jacket feels high quality. The zips and seams have been fully taped and reinforced, and the wrist gaiters are soft. You can zip the jacket tightly, and it will not let rain or wind get in. It is waterproof, breathable, and has a slight stretch. This makes it more comfortable than close-fitting styles. Thanks to its lightweight insulation, you will get this fabric’s thermal benefits without having to bulk up. A great all-rounder.

PS365 | Ellis-Brigham

Watercolor State Parka Women’s Snowboard/Ski Jacket

Watercolor is also offered in grey and red. However, the bright yellow version from Watercolor will make you stand out on the slopes even wearing white. The parka style is loose-fitting, making it ideal for freestyle skiers and those who prefer to layer up. The tech specs of the parka are impressive as well. It has a Dewtech fabric with an Eco-Conscious DWR Bionic finish that repels moisture and 60g synthetic insulation that keeps you warm in cold temperatures. The additions of a fleecy chin guard, wrist gaiters, and a removable snow skirt are all intuitive. You can also store your essentials in the hand and chest pockets.

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