Size Guide – How To Choose Your Sandal Size

Size Guide – How To Choose Your Sandal Size

It can be not easy to choose the right sandals. Are your sandal sizes the same as your regular shoes? Your sandal style will affect the size of your shoe.

All Sandals are made using the finest materials, Hand-finished, centuries-old techniques. No two shoes are the same. This craftsmanship gives you a look and feels that is unmatched in mass-produced shoes. Only the best materials are used 100% vegetable-tanned leather. It is flexible, water-resistant and durable. With each step, your Sandals will withstand years of adventure with a soft leather sole that moulds to your unique footprint.

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American Sizing vs European Sizing

Two different sizing systems are the main reason for confusion about shoe sizes. How come Americans and Europeans use different sizing methods? One reason is that European countries use the metric system for measuring shoes – cm, litres, and kilometers. The U.S. uses the system of inches, gallons, and miles. It is called “European sizing” because it was developed in Europe. However, it is widely used throughout the world. Liberia, Myanmar and other countries use the American measurement system.

Another confusion with shoe sizes is their inconsistency. Like jeans or other clothing, shoe sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. This can be frustrating, but once you have found the right sandals or shoes, the size will remain consistent.

European sizes can be considered unisex. They are not divided into adult and children’s sizes. A size 37 will fit any foot of similar dimensions, regardless of whether it is a child, woman, or man. American sizes are generally narrower for women than for men.

How to measure your foot length

Both systems measure the length of your feet. You should measure your feet regularly throughout your life as your shoe size may change. You should measure both feet, as most people have one larger or shorter than the other. If the discrepancy exceeds an inch, you should choose the longer measurement. In that case, you might need to visit a professional for orthotics and specialized footwear.

  1. Measure your feet to find the right sandals for you, place your soles on the ground and place your heel against a wall.
  2. Place a ruler parallel to your feet on the ground, with the end against the wall.
  3. The distance from the wall to your longest toe is the length. This is often the big toe, but it can also be the second or third.

How to Select Your Sandal Size

You can select the Sandals that fit you well by using the charts and your measurements at home. You can choose the next size up if you are in-between sizes. Sandals made of 100% vegetable-tanned leather can stretch and soften slightly over time. By wearing your sandals damp, you can accelerate the process of breaking them in. This helps mould your foot to the sandals.

A Few Words About Foot Width

Medium width Sandals are also available. Most European-sized shoes are available in this width. You might consider sandals for women with buckles or men with Velcro straps if you have a high arch or wide feet. You can adjust the fit to suit your foot, arch and ankle. Sandals are wider than regular shoes, so minor deviations in width can be tolerated without causing discomfort.

How to Choose the Right Sandals For You

These aspects of Sandals will help you find the perfect fit.

  • Strappy vs Simple: You can choose between the clean look of leather flip-flops and the drama of gladiator shoes
  • Closed or open toes: Men’s fisherman styles and structured slides
  • Toe Loop or Buckle Sandals? Security at the ankle or instep
  • Jesus Sandals vs High Style Sandals: A classic look or an updated version of colourful sandals


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