Sand Free Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

Sand Free Beach Towel

This summer, you’ll need a large beach towel to protect you from the sun’s rays. We’ve already written about all you need to enjoy a day in the sun, including the best chairs and umbrellas. But, here’s a list of the top beach towels, as voted by Amazon’s most passionate reviewers.

The Best Sand Free Beach towel

1. Utopia Towels Extra Large Bath Towels

This towel has been purchased by over 10,000 people. One reviewer said that the large towel makes it great for beach use. Another reviewer adds that she has purchased several of these towels (in red, white, and black) and loves them. These towels are thick and soft and perfect for the beach. They’ve held up well even after multiple washes. One reviewer said it best: “Absolutely my favorite towel, and I am 65 years of age.”

2. AmazonBasics Cabana Stripe beach towel

This inexpensive, striped towel set costs just over $10 and is perfect for the beach. It is a great size. It is soft. One customer wrote that they aren’t too thick or thin. Other AmazonBasics towel reviewers agree that these towels are durable. One customer’s daughter has been using them for swimming practice. They have held up to six months of heavy usage. While we don’t require more, we will be back to buy more when we do. Excellent price. Another 5-star reviewer purchased this set of his/hers towels to use on a beach vacation. She says they are “perfect.” They worked well for us both (6’2″ and 5’11”), as we are both quite tall. They survived multiple washes and dried off well. They lasted through the entire summer, even after we returned from vacation.

3. Colwood Plush Bamboo Cotton Beach Towel

Reviewers have described this large bamboo-cotton towel in a variety of ways. One reviewer wrote that this towel was “one of the largest and most oversized towels I’ve seen” and that it was perfect for her 6’1 husband, who loved it when he got it as a gift. They love the material, which is soft and absorbent. The thickness is also perfect, unlike other brands. One reviewer even called it the “best beach towel they have ever owned”. They are very well made, big and soft. These towels are the kind you’d expect from a 5-star resort. They are of high quality and I was not disappointed. They are both long and thick. Perfect for the pool and beach.

4. Nature Is Gift Natural Turkish Cotton Towel

These Hammam-style Turkish towels made of lightweight, easy to pack cotton are popular because they fold down smaller thanthan traditional terry-cloth beach towels. A reviewer who bought three of these towels for a trip to Hawaii said that they were lightweight (much easier than carrying 3 beach towels), dry quickly, and work well. It was light enough to be carried on the plane and used it as a blanket. One reviewer said that they switched to Turkish towels because they were faster drying, they don’t have mildew smells and they are long and wide. They are great for beach spreading, drying quickly in the hotel and compact. Another customer loves that they don’t collect sand like other towels, which allows me to go on the beach. This can be used as a cover-up when necessary. It is well worth the money.

5. Wise Owl Extra-Large Beach Towel (7′ x 4′)

This beach towel is lightweight at 84 inches in length and 36 inches wide. It’s ideal for large adults or small children. This was a gift for my friend’s father, who is very tall and large. One reviewer said that the beach towel was “PERFECT.” It was “very absorbent and soft,” he said. A parent says it soaks up water well and looks great. Its large size was not a problem, but others were impressed by how compact it folds. One reviewer wrote that the towel was all business. “It literally pulls the water off you in less than a minute and then dries in almost no time, especially when it is outside in the sun.” It folds up and rolls up to the size of a newspaper. An elastic strap is added to keep it that small for carrying to the beach or packing.

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