How to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

Claddagh rings are a symbol of love, friendship and loyalty. They were created in Ireland. How can you wear a Claddagh band in 21st-century fashion and still look fashionable?

Two hands on the Claddagh ring symbolize friendship. These two hands also hold a heart, which symbolizes love. The crown at the top of this heart symbolizes loyalty. The Romans considered the clasped hand ring a symbol for pledging their vows. They were also used in Renaissance Europe as wedding or engagement rings.

In the 20th Century, the Claddagh Ring was widely known. It has been a fashion statement for many forward-thinking people who wish to embrace history and make it a major fashion trend. Continue reading to learn more about this powerful and mysterious ring and how you can wear it to be stylish in the 21st Century. Scroll down!

What is a Claddagh Ring?

The meaning of this ring can be worn in many different ways. The ring is worn to symbolize Irish heritage or as a sign of commitment to the three fundamental aspects that it represents, friendship, love and loyalty. It was made in Galway, in Claddagh (a small town in Galway), so it has a unique name. A ring is circular in gold or silver and features gestures of two hands clasped holding a crowning heart. You can also give a ring to someone as a gift of friendship.

Claddagh rings are part of a group known as “fede rings”, a European group of finger rings. The Latin phrase “mani-fede”, which refers to two people joining in faith or loyalty, is the origin of the word fede.

Although the Claddagh ring can be worn as an engagement or wedding ring, it is also available in various designs. This ring is now more well-known than ever in Ireland, and it’s one of the most popular Celtic designs.

How to Wear a Claddagh Ring?

Let’s now see how to wear a Claddagh Ring. You can choose a Claddagh ring in gold or silver. How to Wear a Claddagh Ring the Right Way. We will show you how to wear a Claddagh ring correctly.

You can wear this ring in many ways, but you should follow these Claddagh ring rules if you want it to look right and respect its Irish heritage-

  • The ring should be worn in the right hand, with the edge of the heart pointing towards the wearer. This indicates that the ring is being worn in a relationship.
  • The ring should be worn in the right hand, with the edge of the heart pointing outwards. This indicates that the wearer is not in a relationship and is ready for love.
  • Engaged means that the ring is worn in the left-hand, ring finger, with a heart edge pointed outwards.
  • If the ring is worn in one hand (ring finger), and the edge of the heart is pointed towards the wearer’s body, it indicates that the wearer has married.

What is the Claddagh Ring’s Historical Background?

Want to know more about Claddagh’s ring origin? There are many stories about the origins of the Claddagh ring. One story based upon lost romantic Irish folklore is the Joyce family. The Algerians captured Richard Joyce, a Galway goldsmith. He was further sold to Claddagh’s Moorish goldsmith as an enslaved person. The goldsmith required an apprentice and had seen Joyce’s natural talent as a craftsman. He decided to teach Joyce how to be a silversmith. Joyce, a formerly enslaved person, longed for his true love. He left his home to find her. William III, then the ruler of the day, demanded that all British subjects be released from Algeria in 1689. Joyce was captured by William III, who tried to keep him from escaping with half his wealth and Joyce’s only daughter. Joyce refused to marry him and returned to Ireland to discover that Joyce had fallen in love.

Joyce returned to Galway and became a goldsmith, creating the Claddagh ring. Joyce made the ring using bits of stolen Moorish gold for his partner to symbolise their love, loyalty, and friendship. You can still see Richard Joyce’s initials in some Claddagh rings still available. This is also known as the maker’s mark of a Silversmith.

Is it possible to wear a Claddagh ring if you are single?

Are you single and wondering how to wear a Claddagh band? This ring symbolises Irish heritage and most people from Ireland use it to show their love. These rings can be worn anywhere in the world to make small changes or add to old traditions. A Claddagh ring is also wearable by one person. As a sign of their blessing, Claddagh rings are given to daughters by their mothers to be passed on to future generations.


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