How to Choose the Best Walking Trousers

How to Choose the Best Walking Trousers

Are you looking for a pair of walking pants? You have come to the right place. We will walk you through the various types of walking pants, their best seasons and uses, and some key features. Interested? Continue reading to find the best walking pants for your needs.


There are no shortcuts when selecting the perfect pair of walking pants. There are several factors to be aware of when choosing the right pair of walking trousers.

* Climate. * Climate. In what climate do you spend most of your time wearing your walking trousers?

* Activity. You will need fitting walking pants to maximize your climbing, walking, or running abilities.

* Versatility. Consider whether your walking pants can be worn in different climates or on other adventures.

The Best Walking Trousers for Hot Weather

Let’s start with the best summer walking trousers. You’ll need lightweight, breathable, and technical trousers for hot treks. We suggest these.


You can explore the jungle or enjoy a day in the sun with a pair NosiLife Walking Trousers. This pair has anti-insect technology built into it. You can keep mosquitos away without the use of any harmful chemicals. Our NosiLifes are the best walking pants for hot weather because of their sun protection. You can rest assured that your legs are protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with UPF 40+ protection.

NosiLife Pro Convertible

Next, the NosiLife Pro Convertibles. These zip-off trousers are great for warm days when the sun is shining. To keep cool on those hot days, zip the pants’ ends to make them into walking shorts. Thanks to our Odor Control technology, you won’t get sweaty on strenuous hikes.

The Best Winter Walking Trousers

So, we’ve covered summer. Now, what about winter? Keeping yourself warm is the primary goal. So you don’t have a cold winter, find out which are the most insulating walking pants.

Kiwi Pro Winter Lined Trousers

The Kiwi Pro Winter Lined Trousers provide warmth and comfort and are restriction-free. These key features make these the best winter walking trousers to explore the UK’s highest peaks or go on a mission for the northern lights.

SmartDry Eco technology provides lightweight protection against rain.

* SolarShield technology protects against the sun’s UV radiation, even in cold conditions.

* Insulating – The snug, brushed lining will warm your body in colder weather.

The Best Walking Trousers All Year

Kiwi Classics

What are the best walking pants for any season? Our Kiwi Classics. These trousers are a favorite of hikers all over the globe. These trousers are equipped with innovative technologies and a variety of valuable features. Here’s what you can get from the Kiwi Classics.

* NosiDefence: Protects you from annoying insect bites without spraying.

* SolarShield is a UPF40+ sunscreen that provides all-year sun protection

* Elasticated waistband – This allows you to be comfortable on the more challenging parts of the trail.

* Secure pockets – Keep your valuables safe in an integrated zip pocket.

We have it! You now know how to find fitting walking trousers for you. Craghoppers has men’s and women’s walking trousers to enhance your adventure.

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