Softshells are the best jacket for lightweight protection. Softshells can be used for everyday wear or as a layer in a Layering System. They offer water resistance, wind resistance, and breathability.

Softshell Jacket Guide: Everything You Need to Know

What is a Softshell Jacket?

Softshell jackets can be lightweight and stretchy. This style is designed to give maximum mobility and comfort to the wearer. It usually consists of woven fabric that is wind, water repellent, and water-resistant. Softshell jackets can also be layered (typically two to three layers) to increase comfort and breathability.

It’s a softshell alternative to hard shells and is used to create waterproof jackets. Although our hardshell jackets feel quite soft, softshells will be more comfortable to the touch.

Although softshell jackets are not as robust as waterproof coats, they offer more comfort and flexibility than waterproof ones. They also retain wind and water resistance and can be waterproofed. Regatta designs jackets for men, jackets for women, and jackets for children. To distinguish between the main types of softshells, look out for the labels below.

High-energy activities require you to be comfortable and water-resistant.

Our Softshell XPT range, made from lightweight and water-resistant materials, is perfect for rainy conditions. The membranes in the Softshell XPT range are waterproof and windproof. However, they don’t have taped seams. This revolutionary technology allows for better performance and breathability, while the lightweight properties allow for greater mobility.

Are our softshell jackets waterproof?

If waterproof protection is the compromise, then are softshell jackets still waterproof? It is not waterproof. The garment must have a hydrostatic head rating and taped seams to be officially waterproof. Regatta’s softshell jackets have a water repellent coating applied with a Durable Weather Repellent(DWR). For more information about the different types of water protection, see our guide.

Is it warm to wear softshell jackets?

These jackets will keep you warm but not through insulation. Softshell jackets keep your body warm, but not by providing insulation. Because they are wind-resistant, the wind will not penetrate the jacket and cause you to feel the cold breeze. Our softshell jackets have a brushed back that traps warmth and stops wind chill from making your back sweaty. They provide warmth comparable to a fleece, so they are great for everyday wear, even if you are going out in adverse weather.

What are softshell jackets used for?

Because they are so versatile, softshell jackets can be used for many purposes. These jackets are great for everyday use but also an active lifestyle. They are great for runners and cyclists, who will enjoy the breathability and moisture control they provide in a slim, comfortable style. Some of our softshells are reflective because they have a strong heritage in activewear. This allows for better visibility while commuting and exercising in the dark.

Softshells can also be used as layering pieces because of their thin construction. They are more useful for layering and would be good to have on hand in case of rain or just to keep warm in the rainy weather.

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