Free camping Yorke Peninsula

Free camping Yorke Peninsula

Free camping Yorke Peninsula

Adelaide is approximately 2 hours away from the Yorke Peninsula, but you can reach many places from the Peninsula’s start (just past Port Wakefield).

It is a beautiful area of South Australia and is very popular during school holidays. Many people travel from Adelaide to the many holiday shacks found along the coast. People also head to camping areas, so you won’t get much solitude during peak hours.

No more camping fees

The following sites were once free to camp, but the latest information from April 2017 indicates that all campsites are now subject to fees. It takes approximately 2.5 hours to travel to Balgowan from Adelaide. Allow another 15-30 minutes to reach the camping areas from the town.

The Gap

The largest of the campgrounds in the area is the Gap. It is located 15km north from Balgowan along a dirt road. 2WD vehicles will have no problems, but it is narrow. You can also access the campground via Weetulta (dirt roads access).

It is very popular and it can be difficult to find a spot during holidays or long weekends. Although it can accommodate approximately 20 campsites, I believe it can hold 50. This would make it uncomfortable for those who live nearby.

This campsite has a drop-toilet which makes it more popular than other camping sites.

Camper trailers and caravans will find a level spot easily. We visited a lot of campers in larger vehicles like caravans.

Although you are not directly on the beach, you will be protected by low sand dunes. Although many campsites won’t have any view of the beach, it is accessible and easily accessible. It is also a beautiful long beach that is suitable for swimming.

There is neither shade nor water so make sure you have everything you need.

Privacy is almost non-existent between campsites. You may not be able to find peace and quiet if the campsite is full. You might find the campsite quieter at other times of the year and away from peak periods. You can allow dogs to be on a leash.

We noticed that many campers had dirt bikes and quad bikes when we were there. This could have prevented you from experiencing the serenity you desire.

You can view some photos of the area, as we didn’t take them for some reason.

The Bamboos

The Bamboos can be found 12km north from Balgowan (on The Gap and Tiparra Rocks camping).

This campsite has no facilities. The camp is located behind high sand dunes so it would be more protected from the wind.

There is no shade but there are some shrubby bushes that provide privacy between the campsites.

We couldn’t see how many campsites there are in the area. One group of campers had chosen different areas within the area to make separate camping areas. eg. They used one campsite as a lounge area, and another as their sleeping area.

We were out of space so we had no choice but to move on.

Tiparra Rocks

Tiparra Rocks, 8km north of Balgowan and on the road leading to the 2 campsites above, is the first campsite that you will find.

There are no designated campsites. You can choose the spot that suits your camping style and preferences.

The campsite faces the beach and there are no large sand dunes blocking views. There is also a beautiful beach right next to the campsites. You can enjoy uninterrupted views of the ocean from your campsite. A definite highlight!

The water is not shaded and there is no protection from the wind. These facilities are also not available.

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