Different types of shirts for men

Different types of shirts for men

Your stack of shirts is your best friend when you are getting ready for an important meeting at work or a casual rendezvous at the local bar. People often underestimate the importance of a well-fitted shirt, a staple in every wardrobe. Properly planned, your attire will make a first impression. It can also boost your confidence. Let’s look at the different types of shirts available for men. Some myths are perpetuated about men’s clothing being simpler and more limited. Snitch offers menswear at a reasonable price. You will find that different occasions and seasons require different types of shirts. We are certain you’ll be a fashion expert once you have cracked this style code.

We will take you on tour through different types of shirts for men to help us create a wardrobe that suits all our needs.

Get out a notepad, and get started taking notes! We are not only adding shirts to your life but also pizzazz!

Oxford Cloth Button-Down shirt

These classic shirts are hard to go wrong with.

The oxford fabric is made with a type of basketweave material and is thicker than a formal shirt. An Oxford button-down shirt from Oxford is a great choice for casual and smart wear.

  • This shirt is a luxurious addition to your wardrobe due to its rich texture. The shirt is elegant in pastels, but it’s also available in many colors, so you can pick the one that suits your needs.
  • A hanger loop is usually located at the back of the shirt, making it easy for you to store.
  • The Oxford button-down shirt is a versatile shirt for men. It’s known for its buttons that hold the collar in place. You can pair it with chinos or brogues for grabbing drinks and dinner with friends.

Tip: Although the Oxford shirt is stylish, it’s not recommended for professional events such as board meetings or interviews.

This timeless item will help you save time and avoid worrying about what to wear to the unexpected house party invitation.

Dress Shirt

With the right dress shirt tucked into a smart tuxedo, you’ll get a lot of compliments.

A dress shirt is one of the most popular styles for men. It will make you smile as you go through important events.

  • A dress shirt with a cutaway collar, french cuffs and a sleeve is essential for important events.
  • Cufflinks and formal shoes can jazz up a formal look.
  • When worn underneath the tuxedo jacket, the bib at the front of the dress shirt will give it a smooth appearance.

Tip: Don’t forget a bow or a tie to complete your look. Wear a crisp white shirt with a collar and make yourself stand out at social events.

Flannel Shirt

A cool, casual and stylish style statement is the chequered jacket.

Flannel shirts are a wardrobe necessity because of their versatility. These shirts can be used to layer and add warmth.

  • These shirts can be made from wool or cotton and are very soft. Combinations of t-shirts and shirts made from flannels are possible.
  • These shirts can be worn for picnics, with friends or family, and on trips. Flannels can be paired with denim to create a sophisticated look.
  • Flannel has a relaxed vibe that is best worn in casual settings. The flannel fabric has a slightly raised texture that provides insulation and keeps you warm.

Tip: For a more lumberjack-like look, wear the flannel shirt with ripped jeans, boots, and a hat.

Denim Shirt

Denim shirts are everyday wear and make you stand out from the crowd.

Denim was once only for bottom wear. These shirts are very distinctive. Denim is a durable piece of clothing that will last a lifetime.

  • These shirts can be worn with chinos or a contrasting pair of jeans if you don’t want to wear the denim-on-denim pairing that Britteny Spears & Justin Timberlake have portrayed.
  • An extremely fashionable look is to wear white jeans and a denim shirt. Denim shirts can add texture to your outfit and are a fun way to break out of the box fashionably.
  • Layer your denim shirt with plain tees to create a unique look.
  • You can wear it throughout the year, but denim is best worn in the winter.

Tip: These casual shirts can be accessorized with bracelets to add street style.

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