6 Trendy Shoes to Wear with Leggings

6 Trendy Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Leggings are a very popular choice for obvious reasons. Leggings can be worn with almost any type of clothing. We can get confused when choosing the right shoes to wear with leggings. It’s okay to get confused. Choosing the right footwear to pair with leggings can be more difficult than choosing shoes that go with other pants or jeans. We are going to show you how to wear these timeless bottom wears. This article is worth a look at.

The Best Shoes to Wear with Leggings

Leggings with Heels

Heels might seem a bit risky, especially for those with pumps. You can wear your pumps with printed leggings with animal motifs, floral prints or stretchable leather. You can wear plain tops and plain pumps if the print on the leggings is too loud. Your shoes should not overshadow the main item.

Leggings and Ankle Boots

A platonic combination is the leggings and ankle boots. These look great with crop tops, ruffles tops and any other style that adds some definition. Leggings that reach just above the ankle can look bulky. You are best to wear plain or neutral boots.

Leggings and Combat Boots

Combat boots can change the vibe of an outfit. These boots are thick and can be dressed up with pastels, florals, ruffles, or other feminine accessories. A short denim skirt can be worn with combat boots and leggings. You could also wear shorts. You can also wear a slip dress with combat boots and a hat.

Sneakers with leggings

Sneakers are awesome, and I’m sure we all wear them more than we should. Leggings are also a great option. Imagine combining these two items. This is life at its best. Leggings are no longer limited to oversized shirts or hoodies. You can wear a crop top or a casual jacket with red sneakers. Or you can go in a white shirt and cross-body bag. You can wear a hood.

Leggings with Sandals

Although heels look great with leggings and heels, not everyone is cut out to wear pumps. You can look stylish and comfortable with ankle strap sandals with block heels. Gladiator sandals can be worn over leggings. You can also wear oversized sunglasses and a boho blouse. You will look fabulous with a tote bag!

Loafers and leggings

Flats still look amazing, and this is the proof. You need to be aware that flats look great in any style, whether loafers, peep toes, ballerinas, or flats. It doesn’t matter if you wear them plainly or in bold colors. A good silhouette will be achieved with black, dark blue, or any other color that matches your leggings. You can wear flip-flops or regular sandals with open toes.

Leggings And Gym Shoes

You know we all live in our yoga leggings or gym gear more than we like to admit. I do that for running errands or even for work if that sort of thing is permitted. But, if you plan to replace your gym tracks with leggings, you are allowed to, and these look great anyway. Ensure that there’s no camel toe there; that’s probably the only rule of thumb. There, I said it! But you know it’s better to be safe than sorry. The point is, gym or tennis shoes look great with leggings.


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